The 3 P’s to Successful Modeling!

Personality is important to becoming a successful model

Personality is what lights up a stage

Any model who has been successful in the modeling world has done well with these three things.  The greatest part is that they are not hard to do, but remain vastly important.  Without these, well let’s just say that you probably won’t be booking many jobs and you definitely won’t be impressing anyone.  This blog is geared towards beginning models looking to gain some momentum and these 3 P’s make the difference between a model who only does test shoots, and a model who gets paid for their time.

The first P is Punctuality.  You will never meet an agency, client, or photographer who loves it when you are late.  Likewise, you will never meet any of these who are looking forward to your phone call to tell them you cannot make it.  If you commit to the time, then make that time.  Some people think a few minutes won’t make a difference, and most of the time it won’t.  But think of it as a business meeting, if you are not there, it begins without you. The only problem is… they need you!  So if you are late, everyone else must wait.  This only takes away from your professionalism and chances are that you won’t be getting continuous work from this client.  The key lies in arriving 15 minutes early to all of your shoots and auditions.  There is not a whole lot else to say, just be on time.

Personality is essential in creating an exceptional photo

Personality is essential in creating an exceptional photograph.

The second P is Personality.  Whether you are in a casting or at an actual modeling job, you have to bring your personality.  What this means is that you want to bring your sense of charm and charisma.  Casting directors and clients want someone with individuality and likability.  Simply put, flat and dull does not photograph well.  Chances are that you got booked, or possibly will be, because the clients or agency liked your personality.  You have to be a bit outgoing in this industry.  Models who have a good “look” AND good personality will be much more successful than those who have only one of these characteristics.  High-fashion models can get away with less personality because they are harder to find due to strict requirements.  But for all others, personality is the secret side to landing modeling jobs.

The third P is Preparation.  Whenever you have a casting or modeling job, you will need to prepare accordingly.  If you have an agency, they will likely give you all the details: clothing, accessories, destinations and directions etc.  If you don’t have an agency, you will have to find this out on your own.  Of course we know that you must be punctual, but it is equally important that you arrive prepared with all the requirements that the client or agency has asked of you.  You will only be helping yourself out by doing so, as you do not want to be the only one who gets limited face-time because you didn’t bring enough changes of clothing or you were late.  Clients and photographers have a particular layout in mind for the shoot and that is why they ask you to bring these certain things.  So make certain that you do so and everything will go smoothly.

There is no perfect road to successful modeling.  But following these 3 P’s are critical steps toward becoming one.  If you fail to do these, you will likely be missing out on many repeat and future jobs.  All you have to do is make sure that you arrive about 15 minutes early and plan for traffic, bring your personality so that you can impress clients instead of looking dull and flat, and prepare all your necessities so that everything will go smoothly.  Just remember, if you think you might need it, take it.

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