The Step By Step Guide to Becoming a Model ~The Third Milestone.

This is series 3 of 3 in the Authentic Step By Step Guide to Becoming a Successful Model. Only perform these steps once you have completed the 2nd series.  Closely follow each step, only focusing on one step at a time.  If you have made it this far, you have achieved what few others have, and are only one milestone away from becoming a Professional, Successful Model!  Written by male model Jonah Taylor.  This is Series 3 of 3.

The Third Milestone: The last 5 steps.  (Obediently follow these steps in order, do not proceed any further until the current step is completed)

  1. Keep Shootin.
    1. Get more and more photos.  Keep adding to your portfolio.  The bigger your portfolio is and the more professional you are, the more sought after you will be.  Make clients wish they could use you.
  2. Establish yourself in your market, get higher-end jobs.
    1. This takes time because there are likely many models in your town, whether big or small.  So hang in there and keep making connections with the clients.  Once you prove yourself a trustworthy model, they will begin to use you loyally.
  3. Now is the time to sincerely ask yourself, “Is it time to go bigger?”
    1. Are their better agencies for you?
      1. Not all agencies work for everyone and just because one is the biggest, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the best fit for you.  If things seem like the could be better, perhaps it is time to find another agency and try your hand with them.
    2. Do you need a bigger market?
      1. Ask yourself, is this market too small or have I reached my potential here?  It might be time to look at bigger markets.
    3. Is there anything I can do better that I am not already doing?
      1. Have you shot with numerous photographers?  Is your portfolio getting full?  Do you have all of your poses and looks down?  If you have done all these things and feel like there is nothing left to do in your current market, perhaps it is time to make a change and think bigger!
  4. Begin to dominate your market, or transition into a larger one.
    1. Option A is to continue to establish, grow, and become a staple in the market you are in until every major client knows your name and uses you regularly, or…
    2. Option B, start submitting your stuff to larger markets.  Depending on how close you are to these cities, if they accept you, you may just have to drive a bit farther for jobs and castings (you should ask about direct bookings).  But in certain cases, depending on how big you really want to go, and whether or not there is interest, you may contemplate actually moving near the larger market and begin establishing yourself there.  (If option B is your choice, repeat steps 2-5 of the first series to help obtain the best agency).
  5. Earn enough money to make a living off of it!
    1. Work your tail off and build strong relationships.  This will bring continuity to your workload.  After a while, major clients in your market will know and re-use you often (this can take years, but can lead to a consistent and lucrative income).  Once you have strong, established trust, as well as continuity with most of the major clients, you will notice that jobs come to you.  You no longer have so many castings or go-sees, as you are directly booked for jobs.  They already know you are worth the price and will pay top dollar to get you.
    2. If you have achieved this step, you are currently living the dream of a successful model.  You make enough money to support yourself without any other means of income.  Congratulations – you are now a Professional, Successful Model!

Congratulations!!  Heaven is the limit for you.  You are currently living a life others literally dream night after night about.  You have made it where most have failed.  Only a handful of models that I know have made it this far, and most people following this layout, literally scripted for success, will quit before they reach this point.  This is the layout that I use for myself as I am often traveling.  I must restart and recreate my success again and again; by establishing incredible relationships with all the major clients over time, until the clients and jobs start looking for me.

Excellent job on finishing this layout and becoming a professional model.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via the contact page and we will assist you in any way possible.  Heaven is the limit for you!

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