The Conclusion to How To Become A Model: Part 6

The ultimate guide to becoming a modelThe Step-by-Step Modeling Guide: Part 6

After tackling the initial three steps in the last article, there are two more steps until the fruitful conclusion of this walkthrough to modeling success. With these next steps, you should be able to really gear up for a bigger role and more success. Let’s not waste any more time; here are the last two steps of this Step-by-step Modeling Guide:

4. Dominate your market, or transition into a bigger one

~ Dominate current market

This is Option A, and it is by no means a walk in the park. You began building the foundations for this in the last two parts, through your professionalism and dedication to your craft. You need to continue establishing and growing your presence in the market, until such time you become a staple—meaning, all the clients and other people in the industry recognize you, know your name, and line up to book you.

~ Transition into bigger market

If you’ve thought this through in the last installment’s step 3 and think that the best move would be to give a bigger market a go, then go for it. Start submitting your stuff to agencies in the bigger markets you’re eyeing. It’s better if these markets are near your location so that you only need to drive a bit to get to castings and jobs. You might want to move near your desired market to make things easier if it’s far away.

In case you’re going for Option B, remember steps 2 through 5 of the First Milestone so you can find the best agency.

5. Earn enough money to make a living off it!

~ Work hard and build strong relationships

You will need to work really hard and keep building relationships with people within the industry. This can take years to accomplish, but these things help bring some continuity and consistency to your workload. Once done, however, past clients will keep turning to you, especially if they know you have the skills and attitude to help make jobs faster and smoother—and maybe even more profitable. There will be a bigger chance of direct bookings and jobs will more likely come to you.

~ Living the dream

Now you’re at the point where you’re successful as a model and you have enough money to support yourself through this line of work. Congratulations! Now you can live the dream, and it’s going to be much easier because you’ve worked hard to reach this.

Just remember: the sky is the limit here. After all, you’ve succeeded at something many others have failed at. I know only of a few, perhaps a handful, of models who have reached this stage of their careers. As for myself, this is the same guide that I follow, restarting and recreating success wherever I go as I often travel. It’s all about putting in the work, establishing and building upon relationships with clients until they—and the jobs—are the ones who come to me. There are no shortcuts, but if you work hard and do things the right way, you will surely be headed for success in the modeling industry.  May God Bless your modeling journey!

If you missed the any of the previous steps, check out How To Become A Model Part 5

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