The wonderful Benefits of Modeling.

modeling experiences and benefits

Of course there are the obvious reasons many people want to model; money, fame, etc.  Unfortunately, most people believe that modeling is a glamorous fairy tale where everyone gets paid big money to do nothing but look really really ridiculously good-looking.  I tell you now that this is not the case.  Models are asked to work long hours and must put on a good show no matter what kind of day it has been.  But this is not a blog about the draw backs of becoming a model, this is a blog about the benefits.  We already know, if successful, money and fame can be two of the main benefits in modeling, but what about the….

traveling and exotic modeling on the beach

Modeling can lead to incredible experiences.

..Traveling.  The greatest benefit modeling has are the experiences themselves that it creates.  When else will you get the chance to travel the world on someone else’ bank account, walk the Great Wall of China, or swim off the shore of mid-ocean islands?  These are only examples but the list is endless.  Imagine getting back door access to events, parties and award ceremonies.  These are experiences that most people will never have. You will be able to do and experience things that you might never have gotten the opportunity to do outside of modeling.  Some of the most interesting stories I have heard are from experienced or retired models.  Not far off from the travel and experiences are the incredible people you will meet.  There is a whole world of make up artists, models, photographers, agencies, producers etc. that most people never see.  The only see the finished product in their favorite clothing catalogue.  Subsequently, always make good connections because you never know who may want to use you again on their next shoot.

Of course there is the money.  If successful, one can make a lucrative living off of modeling; though most will not make it this far.  It is hard to work full-time on a stable basis.  But even if you can’t make it a full-time gig, who wouldn’t mind a few extra hundred dollars and some wonderful experiences.  Most models do not model without another means of income.  On the other hand, there are numerous types of modeling outside of the specific requirements most think when they think of modeling.  So someone may actually do numerous types of modeling and pick up a little slack financially.  If nothing else, occasionally the clients will give you free stuff or let you keep some of the clothing.

Jonah Taylor for exotic modeling and fashion

You never know where modeling might lead you.

One of the final major benefits of modeling is that if you do it well and or make good enough connections, it can lead to other avenues.  Other avenues such as movies, television, music etc.  Many of the people you will be in contact with have shot or worked with big-time names and may have made great connections themselves.  It is very common to see models migrate into some other form of entertainment after a while.

Not only does modeling allow you to travel and experience incredible parts of the world, but it allows you to meet wonderful people and possibly make good money.  If nothing else, you may get some free stuff and it may lead to another exciting avenue for you.  The best advice is to enjoy it, make good friends and give it your best shot.  This will make for the most enjoyable experience and you never know where it might take you.



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