Top Modeling Cities – The Top 5 Modeling Cities in The U.S.

New York "Fashion Capital of the World"

New York “Fashion Capital of the World”

Top Modeling Cities – The Top 5 Modeling Cities in The U.S. When I first began modeling, I would always dream about the city I might move to if I made it big. At one point, I even had plans of moving to New York City to simply see what could happen. There are many cities in the world known for modeling and fashion, but some are set apart from the rest. The only problem is, who can just up and move to Milan or Paris? With that said, here is a list of the 5 top modeling cities in the U.S..

  1. New York City. This is often known as the Fashion Capital of the world. There are many different genres in the world of modeling (fashion, commercial, fitness etc.) but all seem to have a place here and if you want to make it Big, this is the place.
Miami Beach

Where models go when NY gets cold – Miami

  1. Miami. This is where NY goes in the offseason (winter). Many models and photographers will head down to Miami in the winter months due to a slower season in NY. Miami offers much better shooting conditions in the winter, and who needs any other reason to head to Miami.

  2. Chicago. Chicago is great for commercial modeling. This leads to a lot of catalog shoots, which tend to be good money. This can be one of the bigger reasons why models head to Chicago for modeling; lots of jobs and good money. But the shooting days are long, as catalogs have a lot of wardrobe to shoot.

  3. Los Angeles. Usually known for its acting, many models head to Los Angeles for modeling as well. Many of the actors/actresses will pursue both to make ends meet and better their chance of getting exposure. Los Angeles offers a lot of opportunity due to its massive entertainment industry, leading to many agencies and many jobs.

  4. Toronto*. Toronto gets the wild card and lands the fifth spot in our list of the top 5 modeling cities. It gets an asterisk though because it is not actually in the U.S., but it is darn close, and we are going to use it anyhow. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and is known as Canada’s fashion and modeling capital. It is also home to mega modeling agencies such as, Ford and Elite. So with all that said, it deserves the fifth spot in our countdown.

Chicago - great modeling city in the US

Chicago – Great for Commercial Modeling

So there you have it, the top 5 cities for modeling in the U.S. If you are looking to take a step up from the small town agencies, or simply want to try make it big, perhaps one of these cities can help. But first try your hand at the local agencies in your area, and if you find that you are ready for more, perhaps a leap of faith is in order.

Toronto - Canada's fashion capital

Toronto – Canada’s fashion capital

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    Toronto is not a US city, there’s more to life than being super incredibly good looking, like Geography

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