What are Free-lance Models? How Do They Do It?

How Free-lance models land modeling jobs?

Free-lance models have to work hard to land their own modeling jobs.

The first bit of advice I give most fresh models is, find a good agency.  This is for no other reason than an agency’s job is to find and get models work.  Without an agency, all this leg work is left up to the model and without any connections, it can be incredibly difficult for a model to network and land their own jobs.  This is what Free-lance models do, they land their own work.  So how do they do it?

Free-lance models work on their own, apart from any agency, to network and find their own modeling jobs.  The major benefit of this is that they do not have to pay any agency fees.  There is no middle man (agency) to pay.  The client directly pays them.  This allows them to further negotiate their prices up or down, depending on the job and hours.  The major disadvantage of being a free-lance model is that they must find their own jobs and as noted above, this can be very difficult.  In order to be a free-lance model, you must have great networking and personal skills.  You should probably already have many connections in the modeling industry and you must stay on top of them.  You are building your own brand.  You are selling yourself as a model.

Most free-lance models have great connections in the industry.  They are usually well established models who have built great relationships overtime with clients to the point where they no longer need or want an agency.  They feel they can land their own modeling jobs without giving a percentage away to the agency.  They also have an entrepreneurial personality as they are often networking with new and old companies, establishing more work.

(Often times, free-lance models will work with some agencies on the side, without signing with them.  This way the agencies can use the model, especially if they are successful, and the model can use multiple agencies.  But not all agencies like doing business like this.)

Free-lance models are models without agencies.  They work on their own and keep all the profits.  They are their own boss.  But it comes at the cost of doing all the work on the back-end, such as, finding new clients and maintaining good relationships.  They are also usually more established models who have worked as models for a while, know the industry and what they are worth, and have had an agency before and feel they can now do it on their own.  If you are a successful model with numerous connections and jobs lined up all by your own hand, consider working without an agency.  If not, I recommend using an agency.  I personally recommend an agency even to those who are well established, as new clients call agencies often.  This means new opportunities that free-lance models will not likely here about.

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