What are Raw Photos and Do I Need Them?

What are raw photos and why would someone need them? Not everyone will have to get these and if you do, they are incredibly easy to attain. Unlike professional photos, these can be taken by yourself or a friend, and best of all, they are free as long as you have a camera. So what are they?

Raw headshot of international model Jonah Taylor

Actual raw photos used for international modeling

Raw photos are pictures of yourself in your most basic (raw) form. Unlike professional photos where you have makeup, hair stylists, and a series of outfits, raw photos imply their name, You in a raw state; that means without makeup, without excessive styling, expression or wardrobe. Raw photos are generally used by agencies. Agencies request these when they want to see what a model might look like without all the glamour and photoshop. The agency wants to see exactly what they will be representing and who they will be sending to their clients.

raw photos of international model Jonah Taylor for the article, What are Raw Photos?Clothing is kept simple. For men, most take them in their boxers or briefs. You will probably need to send them a raw head shot, full-body shot, each side profile and back shot. This way there is nothing to hide and no surprises when they decide to represent you. It is very common for an international agency to ask for raw photos. This is because they cannot simply see you and make their decision. If they decide to have you fly across the globe, you better be all that they thought you were. So they may ask for more angles and perhaps even a video. Women can simply wear tank tops and small shorts, or bras and panties. Like I said, nothing risqué, but revealing enough to show the agency what they will be getting.

So there you have it, raw photos are pictures of you in your most basic form. They are used by agencies to see if you meet their current requirements or standards. This is most likely the only time you will need them. Whether you are trying to get an agency locally, or trying to get representation internationally, agencies may want to see you without all the glamour and photo shop. Like I said, they are incredibly easy and can be taken by a friend or even your self. Simply have a friend, or set up the timer, and snap a few decent pictures of all angles. Then send the photos away to the agency and have a little faith.

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