The Age Requirements of Modeling – How old to be a model?

Child and baby modeling

This baby is modeling the heck out of this hat

Certain types of modeling call for certain age ranges. From high-fashion where age range is typically from 16 to 21, to child modeling where typical ranges are 2 to 12. But what about models who have done well their whole lives and are starting to get a little older, or beginners in their mid 20’s just looking to get started? Luckily, there are modeling jobs for all ages. I recently worked with a man in his late 70’s for a fitness ad. So how old do you have to be to model, and given your age, what kind of modeling can you do? What are the modeling age requirements?

One great aspect of modeling is that pretty much all age ranges are needed. There are so many different products in the world that need to be sold that there are needs for all ages of models. Now this doesn’t mean that there is enough work to keep everyone busy. Obviously, the higher demand models, such as high fashion models for example, will stay busy because of the lack of models that meet such specifications.

Typical age ranges include: (these are generalities and there are always exceptions to the rule)

Baby Modeling: Infant – 2 yrs old.

Child Modeling: 2 – 12 yrs old.

Teen Modeling: 13 – 19 yrs old.

High-Fashion Modeling: 16 – 21 yrs old.

Catalogue modeling and Commercial models can be of all age ranges due to their all-encompassing markets. This might include child models all the way to models in their late thirties or early forties.

Now of course these age specifications are all generalities and are by no means the end all be all. Some people simply look older, and or younger, than they really are. Catalogue models can range from children to models in their late thirties. Supermodels and other more successful models will continue to work well outside these ranges due to their established reputation. Some modeling genres are more about the look and build of a person rather than the age.

So how old must you be to model? Right now is the best time to start. Models of all ages are always needed. How old can you be and still model? Good models can model well into their forties. Even passed their prime, good models can work on a regular basis if they take good care of themselves and market themselves well.



  • laura

    Reply Reply October 20, 2012

    I love this blog! Do you know where can i go to get started?

  • Akash mallick

    Reply Reply December 14, 2016

    Hi sir/mam
    I am 26 year old want to do modeling but m suffering from hairfall.. So m felling very shy infront of others.. Is it a negative point for modeling.. I mean is hairfall a negative point for modeling??? Plz answr me..

  • Abby

    Reply Reply March 11, 2017

    How much is it to be a model at the age of 11

    • Abby

      Reply Reply March 11, 2017

      Plz answer me I want to do it

  • violla moras

    Reply Reply April 30, 2017

    I want to be a model.can u give some information to become a age is 14 so teen age

  • Merari

    Reply Reply October 22, 2017

    I want to start but is there any near me and after 2:70am like after school..

  • Merari

    Reply Reply October 22, 2017

    I am in 7th grade in March is my b-day right now I am 12..if that is ok plz get this soon..

  • Joly Loitongbam

    Reply Reply August 26, 2018

    Can I become both govt. employee which is competitive job as well as become modeller at about 25 years of age.
    Will it be a problem doing both the jobs.
    Please made a reply and please give me all the instructions.

  • Heenq

    Reply Reply October 22, 2018

    Hy i m very interested for modeling and this show for best career nd great full platform but my age 26 so how to i m join in your show

  • Karlien masiza

    Reply Reply November 15, 2018

    I am very interested in modeling. Am.17 years old I will be very happy if you can approve my proposal

  • elaheh rezaei

    Reply Reply December 3, 2018

    i am 46 but look so younger with a broad shoulder and good shape body. i am alwaye advised to be a model . i am workng out regularly as wel. can you help me to be a model.

  • Bethlehem Teshome

    Reply Reply December 27, 2018

    I am 13, and i really want to be a model. What age should i start at?

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