What is a Go-See?

What is a go-see? Is it different than a casting, or an audition?┬ Who will be there and what do I have to do for it?┬ How long is it?┬ Where am I Going and who am I Seeing?!┬ I had all these questions when I first started out as well.┬ I sort of thought I knew what it was, but was there something special about a go-see that I didn’t know?┬ I just kept quiet and never asked because I didn’t want to sound unintelligent (insanely hard for me).┬ Well, for all of you who think you might know what a go-see is, but aren’t 100% sure, though you have a good idea, but want some verification, so you know for sure, but think you might know….. ┬ ┬ I got you.

What is a go-see?

Casting directors, photographers, and booking agents are some of the personnel you may see at a Go-See

A Go-See, for the most part, is exactly what it sounds like, an appointment to Go See a client.┬ It is an opportunity for the client to see all the new faces as they get ready for an upcoming season. ┬ Though, there is one misconception, this is not always a specific casting for a specific job. ┬ You might be going to see a client for Nordstrom and they may not have any jobs as of yet, but they will!┬ You will go-see them so that when the times comes, if they liked you, they may choose you based off what they saw earlier.┬ A go-see is a preemptive casting for many jobs, so you do not have to cast for every single job that Nordstrom may have.

Casting directors, booking agents and photographers are some of the┬ personnel┬ you will be meeting at a go-see. ┬ Like I said, if you can impress these people, you may be in line for numerous jobs. ┬ It’s not unlikely for a photographer to take some test photos and ask to see your portfolio. ┬ They may even ask you to walk a runway. ┬ This is all so they can see how experienced you are and if you fit their desired style. ┬ As always, try to arrive a little early.

Active models may spend an entire day going from one go-see to the next. ┬ After you have seen a particular client numerous times, you may not be expected to Go-See that same client for a while. ┬ They will remember you and know what you offer. ┬ Though, face time is important. ┬ It is always a good idea to strengthen relationships and remind┬ the client┬ why they should pick you. ┬ So there you have it, A go-see is an appointment to meet with a client to showcase your talents for any upcoming jobs they might have. This is one of those terms that you can take very literally, A Go-See.

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  • ruckia nurse

    Reply Reply November 9, 2012

    luv that u can help me learn n back up wat i already know

  • Pea

    Reply Reply April 30, 2013

    I am playing a fashion game and I didn’t know what a go-see was, so thanks! Also… it’s ok to admit if you don’t know something sometimes!

    • admin

      Reply Reply May 6, 2013

      That is great advice in itself.

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