What is Fitness Modeling?

Fitness model Jonah Taylor uses Greg Plitt as an example

Fitness model Jonah Taylor – UnderArmour fit model

So exactly, what is fitness modeling? This may sound like a simple question but the truth is that there can be some confusion here. The confusion typically sets in as people try to distinguish between fitness modeling and fitness competitions. It compounds when they are asked about fit modeling. These are all very similar terms but have slightly different definitions. Let’s start with fitness competitions.

Fitness competition refers to shows and or events whereby contestants enter to pose and perform on stage showing off their bodies in front of a panel of judges in hopes of winning the grand prize (which can be anything from money and trophies all the way to full-sponsorship) i.e. bodybuilding, physique shows, and bikini competitions. The grand prize is won by the individual having the most muscle mass, muscle definition, and muscle symmetry etc.

This can sometimes be confusing as it is often misrepresented as fitness modeling as well. Though closely related, these two are not the same. Fitness models are used to sell, promote, and advertise ideas and products. The training and body sculpting are very similar though as fitness models will also be expected to have great physiques and strong looking bodies. Both fitness competitors and fitness models are trying to build lean muscle mass and sculpt the body in a phenomenal way; just the end goal is different.

UnderArmour fit model Bryce Buell

UnderArmour fit model Bryce Buell

Then there is fit modeling. Fit modeling is sort of unique and falls into the realm of fitness modeling. I am currently a fit model for UnderArmour in their sports division. What this means is that whenever you try on a pair of athletic pants, shirts, or whatever have you from UA, you are wearing clothing that was fit around myself. Now UA has a couple fit models for different divisions. So if you try on some compression, relaxed-fit, or regular gear, you are trying on some clothing that was fit on my dear friend and co-fit model Bryce Buell.

The concept goes like this; companies take account of all the people buying their clothing to find out what is the ideal shape and size for their consumers. The company comprises a list of measurements that would fit this ideal shape and size. They then go on a search to find an individual who meets and falls within all of these specified measurements and is available to take on the job. Once they do, the company then begins to create and shape clothing that is built and fit for their brand new model seeing as he or she meets the standard measurements for their industry. Hence the name “fit model." For fit models, it is critical that measurements are maintained. Fit models rely on their body and their measurements. If their measurements vary too much, the company may need to find another model.

Professional Fitness Model Greg Plitt from Facebook

Fitness model Greg Plitt

And then there was fitness modeling. At the moment, no other fitness model is greater than Greg Plitt. Greg Plitt is the ultimate example of an experienced and tenured fitness model and not only has he been doing it for years but he is also the one that I look up to. Fitness models are expected to have great bodies and always be in great shape. That is why they are so closely related to body builders and physique competitors. Truth is, if you really want to, (and many do) you can do both. Once you have established your body it is truly up to you on how you decide to utilize it.

Fitness modeling is much like any other type of modeling. Models will typically have a modeling agency that will provide them with jobs (you may decide to go at it on your own, in that case check out Free-lance modeling).

The nice thing about fitness modeling is that it is not all about having the perfect jaw structure or other perfect modeling features as much as it is about the body/muscular features. But this still means you are an actual model. In being a fitness model you will use your body to sell, promote, and advertise whatever product needs selling. Your body is your temple And your key to success. It does take a lot of work, getting that chiseled and ripped body that most only imagine they could achieve. But fitness modeling is in a world all its own and can be a lot of fun if you are willing to do the work.

What is fitness modeling or fit modeling?

What is fitness modeling? By Under Armour Fitness model Jonah Levi Taylor

The fun part is that if you are willing to put the time in, you can be anyone of these (a fit model, fitness model, or fitness competitor). Unlike some of the other modeling genres where high standard features may be required, this one is all up to you! Build that beautiful body and start enjoying the benefits today.

Just don’t become one of those muscle heads who wishes there was a no shirt rule at the gym and mirrors in every single room of his house. Try to maintain a humble heart at all times:)

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