What Is Glamour Modeling?

Glamour modeling is a type of modeling where the subjects, often female, are portrayed in a romantic or alluring manner. In the Types of Modeling piece, I mentioned one type wherein freelancers often thrive in. Glamour modeling fits that bill, and it is also an excellent foundation for aspiring models looking to get a foot in the industry’s door and eventually branching out into other types of modeling.

How do we define it?

First and foremost, glamour modeling covers a broad range of subtypes. The very word ‘glamour’ connotes an attractive or appealing quality. Take it one step further and it can also be associated with sex appeal.

The main aim of glamour modeling is to showcase the physical beauty of the model, either to promote him or her or to achieve a particular set of images for the benefit of the photographer or the viewer. Shoots are done in a number of themes across different locations, as this helps expand the range of the photographer’s skill set while also showcasing the model in different settings.

It can cover a variety of non-nude themes as well as ones that might require varying degrees of nudity, from everyday fashion to bikini shots to even sexier ones. It’s always your choice, of course, so don’t get roped into doing something you’re not comfortable with.


The requirements are not as strict in glamour as they are in runway or high-fashion modeling. Height isn’t as much of a priority, really—if you look good and well-proportioned enough, it can be done. These looser requirements allow for relatively better accessibility, although this also means there will be more aspiring models vying for the same jobs.

We mentioned that models need to have a certain level of aesthetic appeal, so great skin, decent set of teeth, nice eyes, a great smile, and good proportions definitely help. In case you’re geared toward the sexier shoot variants, getting fit to achieve the desired imagery might also be a good idea.

Having good posture, awareness of your flattering angles, and how to pose in front of the camera are all important things in glamour. As with the rest of the other types of modeling, confidence is key. It’s called glamour for a reason—so be sure to project well and pose away!

It’s a two-way thing

So you’ve done your part: you’ve got the look going and you’ve prepared your poses. Now comes the execution—and it’s very important that you’re doing the shoot with a skilled photographer. Just because you hired a ‘pro’ photographer doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is really a pro, though.

Don’t hesitate to hire a solid professional whose work you’ve evaluated thoroughly. In the long run, investing in a skilled collaborator will definitely do wonders for your portfolio—and your career as well.

Glamour shoots don’t always go as planned, especially when you’re just starting out and you still don’t have a feel for what really works as far as your own style goes and with whom you work best with. Of course, you’ll learn along the way and you’ll get better with experience and the right work ethic!

Since glamour modeling is geared toward sexier, more appealing photographs, please be sure to know and do not surpass your own standards. Many models get caught up in the shoot and end up beyond their own comfort zones. So before you go on the shoot, make sure you have a great, professional photographer lined up that you have personally approved of their photos, and then set you standards and stick to them. May God bless you in all that you do!!

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