What Is One Model Place And Is It Legit?

By New York Fitness Model Michelle Alford.

One model place reviews. Is it legit?Whether you are an experienced model or just a beginner, there are many ways to market yourself. Nowadays, one can seemingly find work and pull bookings everywhere online. All it takes is the right tools, websites, marketing strategies and presentation. Your portfolio and collection of work are the basis of this process. From there it is about selling yourself to any potential clients.

Go-sees or casting calls are usually sure-fire ways to market yourself and score bookings or gigs in your career. Since technology advances every day, there are now more creative and convenient methods of doing so. With the power of the internet, there are many websites which allow you to do both of these online. One example of this resource is the social website: One Model Place. One Model Place is a domain catered to models, actors, actresses and photographers. By signing up for this website, you are able to network and interact with potential clients.

To begin, you sign up with your preferred email and create a password. Next you choose your membership level. The higher the membership and the more you pay, the more access you have as well as photos you can upload in your portfolio. When you choose the photos to upload, they must be professional modeling pictures only. They cannot be cell phone pictures or ‘selfies’ (photos you have taken yourself). Once you choose the photographs you want to upload, you will have to fill in your model stats and credentials.

These credentials consist of your height, weight and other measurements like your shoe size. You also must fill in your preferences according to what you want and what you do professionally. Some of those categories might be the level of professionalism you rank in your career or if you shoot for free. For more established models, you are able to list your management or agent’s email for booking and business inquiries as well. When and if you choose this option, your manager or agent will receive a copy of all messages and emails you receive via OMP. This helps a great deal with weening out the frauds from the real offers.

All in all, One Model Place is a legit website. It allows you to expand your brand and market while promoting your work. You are able to score paid gigs as well as TFP (Time for Prints) bookings. You are also able to receive tips via email and information on the site for upcoming opportunities and casting calls. Not to mention the opportunity for support and the ability to contact your peers, and them you, as well as comment on your work and progress. As the site is legit and the inquiries can be, there also can be just as many scams or con artists. You just have to use your common sense and the peer support available to assist you when making executive decisions about the gigs you book. Get all details and information and conduct proper research. Luckily, One Model Place staff will also alert you if they catch on to scams or fishy activity.

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