What is the difference between a Hold and a Booking?

Nothing is more frustrating than believing you have booked a modeling job and come to find out you were only on hold and never fully confirmed. This happens all the time to models and it is often due to a miss-communication between the agency and the model. Excitement takes over as the agency calls and all the model hears is “Are you available for (insert job here)?” While the agency is just confirming that the model is available to shoot on that day if chosen. These kinds of miss-understandings happen all the time and they may even come from an indecisive client who continues to swap models. So to minimize these miss-understandings, know the difference between being on hold, and being booked.

Being on hold means you are being considered for the modeling job. It does not mean you have the job, but it does mean that the client has narrowed down the list of potential models and you are on the list. So clients and agencies will put you on hold so that if chosen, you still have that day open and are available to shoot.

Booking a job means you have that job. Once a model is booked, they are then given the job details and expected to show up and model the heck out of whatever the clients booked you to wear. This is is yours for the taking.

So the difference between a hold and a booking is the confirmation. A hold means you are being heavily considered, a booking means you are confirmed for that job. One thing to keep in mind, the modeling industry is ambiguous. There may be times when you have booked a job and suddenly, the client changes their mind. Whether it be because of financial reasons or they just decided to go in another direction, this happens and nothing is ever guaranteed. Infinite models have lost jobs even after being 100% confirmed. But in most cases, a booking is a booking and that means you have the job. Never be afraid to confirm with your agency whether or not you are on hold, or if this is an actual booking.




  • Haley

    Reply Reply July 25, 2018

    What happens if agency puts you on hold and then never releases you from that hold?

    • Ishmael Evans

      Reply Reply August 12, 2018

      Haley, if the date of the gig arrives and you have not been notified by your agency by 10 am the day of the shoot it’s safe to assume you were not selected. You could also contact your agency to do a follow up.

      Hope this helps
      Mr. Evans
      Mile High Model & Talent Management

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