What to do if your Measurements Change?

Modeling Wisdom - What to do when your measurements change?More than likely at some point within your career of modeling, should you keep at it and become successful, your body measurements and or characteristics will change.  Hopefully you are changing for the better and not the other way around.  Perhaps you are working out a lot more than you did in the past, or perhaps you were young when you started and have grown in different areas since then.  Maybe you finally got the courage to cut your hair short.  Whatever the reason is, agencies and clients aren’t huge on changes unless they know about it.  Here’s why?

Agencies and clients judge you based off of your comp card or digital photos.  So unless you have recent photographs of the changes you have made, they will not be getting what they want.  They will be looking at old, inaccurate photos of you.  As stated above, you may have grown since then and cut your hair.  So the cute little girl with long hair that they chose is now a more sophisticated women with short hair.  The best thing a model can do if they decide to undergo some type of change is run it by the agency.  Of course, the final decision is up to you, but the agency may have something to say about it; seeing as they know a bit about the modeling industry and what clients are looking for.  If you happen to lose some weight and tone up, the agency will typically love this.  Just make sure they know that you have shaped up so that they can market you appropriately.  The bottom line is this, there is no problem with making changes to yourself.  Just make sure the agency knows this as well.  This way they are aware and can make any necessary changes to your profile.

One last bit of wisdom, before you go and make any drastic changes, remember that your portfolio will need to display your current look.  So if you are constantly changing hairstyles, on crazy diets, or whatever, you will need to get new pictures to display your current image.  This way the client actually gets what they want and everyone is happy.  Because if a client is unhappy, the agency is unhappy, and subsequently, you may be unhappy.

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