When do models retire?

When do most models retire?

Women prefer older men, men prefer younger women.

When do models retire? Is there a certain age? Or is there some type of modeling code that tells models when they should hang up their stilettos and 6 pack abs? Well I’ll tell you there is no specific age for both men and women to retire from their modeling careers, but there are some signs that can help them know when it is time to hang it up.

One thing that is worth noting is that the signs and age of retirement may be different from men to women. Female modeling careers don’t typically extend as long as male modeling careers do, but women will often start modeling younger than men. It goes back to the concept, women prefer older men, and men prefer younger women.

If you are looking for a number in which models typically retire by, roughly estimating, successful female models can likely work into their early to mid thirties (Tyra Banks “retired” around age 32 and Cindy Crawford “retired” around age 33). But models don’t typically pick a day and time that they will be done modeling. It is usually a process where they slowly begin to take on less and less work. This is typical for both male and female models. Successful male models can often work into their mid-to-late thirties.

So the hard and fast truth is that there is no set date and time that all models should retire by. It typically happens once a model gets into their mid thirties. Around this time they will begin to take on less work. Of course there are some models out there still working beyond these years, but this is not common. The best advice is to take amazing care of your body. As the Bible tells us, treat your body like a temple. This way you will still look like your 29 even when you are 34, allowing you to continue modeling for years to come.

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