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Why and How to Build a Fitness Model Body

Anyone wondering how to get more modeling jobs or to get into fitness modeling will need to pay attention to this. This is because having a great body helps almost everything. At the moment I cannot think of a single thing where having a great body is not an advantage (though I am sure if we deliberated long enough we could think of something not very useful).

jonah taylor model

Fitness model Jonah Taylor

You see, having a strong, healthy body helps in everything you do. Not only modeling and or fitness modeling, but it is pretty much an advantage in everything you do in life. People don’t envy those with flabby arms and jiggly legs. They envy those who have strong healthy looking bodies that demonstrate a bit of determination and hard work.

Of course we are not talking about taking it to the extreme where your body becomes your obsession. We are simply talking about a healthy body that helps you generate more modeling jobs and gives you the advantage in the face of competition.

So, with all that said, how does one build a fitness model body?

It starts by doing the RIGHT exercises for the RIGHT amount of reps.

  • If you are trying get stronger you will want to perform heavier weights for lower reps–roughly 4-6 reps.
  • If you are trying to tone up your body you will want to perform lighter weights for higher reps–roughly 12-15 reps
  • If you are trying to add size and volume to your body you will want to perform moderate to heavy weights for moderate to higher reps–roughly 8-15 reps

So depending on what you are trying to do (choose from above), you now know how heavy your weights should be and how many reps you she be shooting for.

Now I am sure there are some of you who are thinking, ‘why do I need to lifts weights at all? Can’t I just go running or jog on the treadmill?’ And here is my answer to these questions… Running and Jogging or any type of cardio will not add one ounce of muscle to your body. So if you are looking to do any of the above, get stronger, more toned, or bulk up, you will not do it without weight training. And you can take that to the bank

Now the exercises you do may vary from individual to individual, however, make sure you are working on the body parts that you desire to either get stronger, more toned, or larger in.

So in closing, Why should models build fitness type bodies? Because this will give them the advantage and help them land more modeling jobs. Fitness will also give them an advantage in every other aspect of life as well.

And How do models build fitness model bodies? –By doing the right exercises for the right reps. Figure out what you are trying to accomplish (strength, tone, mass) and follow the guidelines above.

God bless and get to work. Modeling jobs are waiting for you.

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