Why Pay for Professional Photographers?

Bryce Buell photography - The importance of professional photographsPaying for professional photographs is probably one of the smartest and highest impact moves a new, or even advanced, model can make.  Of course shooting with professional photographers can be expensive.  But the reward is far beyond the money.  In fact, by getting professional photos, a model will likely book more jobs and make their money back tenfold.  Consider it an investment in yourself.  Professional photographs can take a model to the next level and this is how.

It is way too often that I see or hear about beginner models using photographs taken by a friend or cousin who just got an itch to start a photography business.  Or perhaps they just got back from a vacation and loved the way they looked in some of the candid photos.  I am sorry to say that these photos will not cut it.  I don’t care if you look like Miley Cyrus in one of the photos, they are not professional and clients will notice.  Think about it like this, if a client for let’s say… Macy’s was to look at your photos, do you think they would be sincerely impressed?  If not, perhaps your photos aren’t all that.  Your goal as a model is to impress everyone who sees your photos as it is by these photos that clients and agencies will judge you.  Ask yourself, “Are you serious about modeling?”  If the answer is “Yes,” than take it seriously and get those top-notch photos that will enhance your credibility.  Not only will better and stronger photos help an individual book more jobs, but they create a greater investment in one’s portfolio, composite cards, and resume, which is exactly how a model gets noticed.  This literally takes a new model to the next level.  A new model can expect to go from a beginner model, to a rising model with a couple professional photo shoots under their belt.  (There is a small list of photographers on the homepage under “Helpful Links”)

The only down side to professional photographers would be the cost.  But in return you get much stronger photos which can lead to: a better portfolio, better composite cards, better head shots (this can be good for acting as well), a better all around resume, more professional modeling experience, more jobs, and the list goes on.  By acquiring professional photographs you ARE A BETTER MODEL!  It is that simple.  So new models should save their pennies and put them towards getting professional photographs.  As long as you are serious about modeling, this will be a great investment that will likely pay off over time.

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