Women’s Clothes – What Size Really Is Plus Size?

womens clothes - what is plus sizeWomens clothes – What size really is plus size? In the last piece about plus size modeling, I mentioned that there’s a discrepancy when it comes to plus size models and the actual, real-life plus size. What’s more, retailers and fashion brands have variations when it comes to their sizing charts, which indeed adds further to the confusion. So, what really is plus size? Let’s examine this category in greater detail.

Modeling Sizes – Sizing up the charts

For the sake of convenience, most people and retailers consider plus size clothing as an umbrella term to encompass clothes made for sizes 12 and above (in terms of US sizing). The equivalent in the United Kingdom (UK) starts somewhere in the size 14 range, though some only start at size 16 or 18. Size 16 is the equivalent in Australia of US size 12, and that’s where the plus size category starts in the Land Down Under.

Lane Bryant, the US-based plus size clothing specialist, marks size 14 to 28 as the plus size. In fashion, there are even ‘supersize’ and ‘extended size’ classifications, encompassing 4X to 6X (US) for the former and 7X and above for the latter. We’ve already mentioned before that while plus size models usually start out at size 12, some models who are of size 8 or 10 are already being chosen to showcase plus size clothing.

Know your sizes

We mentioned that certain brands can have different sizing ranges, so what you need to do is to have an idea of your particular measurements. Measure yourself, as Jen of strongly suggests in her article What Everyone Should Know About Buying Plus Size Clothing. This way, you don’t have to fixate on one size number; as long as you have your own figure in mind, you can just consult a store’s size chart to find the appropriate piece. If you don’t know your exact measurements, here is a link to a quick and easy tool I use to accurately get my measurements without the help of anybody else: MyoTape Body Tape Measure

Plus size women

It used to be that plus size clothes were only scaled-up versions of regular-sized ones, so they may not be accurate in terms of proportion, fit, and aesthetics once worn. These days, though, retailers employ special data collection techniques and use detailed consumer reports to make sure that plus size clothes come with accurate construction and design.

That bodes well for the target market, because I don’t think anybody would want to wear ill-fitting clothes. It’s hard to get comfortable if the clothes don’t fit and feel right, so as long as retailers and designers take the extra effort to produce topnotch clothes that are tailored specifically to suit plus size women, that’s a good thing all in all.

The plus size market has been growing continually since its emergence in the 1990s. Fashion brands have recognized the need to supply plus size women with clothes that truly fit and flatter their bodies, so they can be confident and showcase the beauty that they have regardless of persisting social perspectives about certain body types. There are now many options, and as long as you know what clothes you want to go for and you know your measurements, you can definitely find the right clothes and thus can wear your clothing proudly.

God made you who you are, so you should be proud to be that person. Looking for more information on How to Become A Model, or finding out your body measurements? Check out MyoTape Body Tape Measure or Let’s Model!

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