Modeling Portfolio Tips!

Having a remarkable portfolio and being a professional model go hand in hand. Male or female, a great model will have a great portfolio and likewise, a great portfolio will accompany a great model. This is all due to the fact that successful models have performed many jobs and have the tear sheets (proof of work) to prove it. This will be the beginner models greatest obstacle, acquiring a compelling portfolio. There is no way to get around the hard work it takes to become a successful, professional model, but following these 10 tips will give you a head start toward creating an impressive modeling portfolio.

  1. How many and what kind of photos models need in their portfolio?Get a strong, strong, strong, head shot. Don’t take this one lightly. Every client you meet will see your head shot and judge your potential based on it. If you do this one right, you will have a leg up on most other models.
  2. Avoid using similar shots such as: different outfits in the same location, or two shots in the same clothing, just different poses. Unless they are strong, this may actually show a lack of experience as clients will assume you do not have many photos.
  3. Avoid using too many pictures by one photographer. Photographers have certain shooting styles and clients recognize this. Variety of photographers is best.
  4. Stay away from un-retouched images showing flaws.
  5. Aside from a killer head-shot, make certain you have a good body shot, fashion shot, interactive/playful shot, and smiling shot. See the The Serious Models 5 Must Get Shots!
  6. Most model portfolios are 9×12 while most photographers portfolios are 11×14. This is good to know for ordering prints. Always ask the photographer for high-resolution images for ordering prints.
  7. Have 1 or 2 black and white photos as they show contrast.
  8. Filter your pictures and keep about 8 to 20 of the best pictures in your portfolio. Only the very best shots.
  9. Less is more. It is better to have less photos, though really strong ones than a full portfolio of average photos.
  10. Never use fake tear sheets.

There you have it, follow these 10 tips and you will be on your way to an impressive modeling portfolio which is a critical step toward becoming a successful model as we know that an impressive model will have an impressive portfolio. This will display modeling credibility and experience which will indefinitely help you land more jobs and expedite your journey towards becoming a successful model.

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