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So you’d love to become a model. Perhaps you’ve been told by someone you know that you could make it in the modeling industry, or you just woke up with the realization that you will be pursuing a career as a model. Regardless of the motivation, there are things you need to know about becoming a model. First off, you need to know all about modeling requirements.

Physical requirements

Having the right set of physical tools is essential in order to break into the modeling industry. Of course, depending on the particular modeling category you want to pursue—runway, editorial or fashion, commercial or print, fitness modeling, plus size, petite, et cetera—the requirements will also vary accordingly.

Generally, models need to be taller than the average person in terms of height and have a slender frame. That’s because clothes generally work better on longer, thinner body types. Still, even if you don’t meet certain height requirements for certain modeling types, then you can try for the other niches. For example, print modeling and fitness modeling aren’t as strict when it comes to height and build. It helps to know the particular things an agency or a job requires.

Having a pretty face certainly helps, but you may have noticed that there’s really no prescribed facial feature for models as they come in all shapes and looks. There’s no such thing as conventional when it comes to modeling.

Stuff you need to have

Here are some of the things you need to prepare and submit to agencies and people who might be interested in hiring models:

Comp cards – these are basically photo cards that includes a few photos as well as your measurements. Comp cards are the model’s calling card, and basically showcases what you have to offer in a nutshell.

Portfolio – a portfolio is a more comprehensive collection of photos that should showcase your body of work, or if you’re just starting out, do your best to obtain numerous poses, numerous outfits, and numerous settings in order to showcase your range.

For both of these requirements, you will need to hire a professional photographer to get some good pictures of you in different pieces of clothing and possibly in a number of poses that highlight your attributes.

The intangibles

Apart from those requirements, you will also have to have the intangibles—things that will help you break into such a competitive industry as modeling, and things that will help you go from run-of-the-mill to outstanding.

You need to be a professional, first and foremost. This means sticking to the kind of discipline required to be a model, from maintaining your physical condition to being to auditions and actual gigs on time. Being diligent and taking time to work on your craft is also important, as you need to constantly improve in order to reach your goals as a model.

In order to propel yourself to the top, you will also need to have that certain X-factor that agents and casting directors are looking for. Show them your charm and your spark, and if you have what it takes, then you’ll definitely get chosen.


  • anka

    Reply Reply March 7, 2017

    i need to know more education,experience and training its for my career report

  • Mbalie

    Reply Reply June 5, 2018

    Tell me more I am about to start modeling

  • have been dreaming of been a model for long time ago I will be very happy if you can help me MA/ Sir John

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