Bryce’s Final Words on Modeling 101!

What to look for in a modeling agency:

Once you’ve developed your skill set, you’re ready to work. But to work you need agency representation. There are two vital elements in a successful relationship with any modeling agency:

1) the agency must have a substantial client base. This means that many well-paying clients look to that particular modeling agency when they need models.

2) your agent, or booker, must believe in and promote you for work.

If a booker believes strongly in you but few clients go through that agency to obtain models, or if that agency has a vast client base but the booker does little to push or promote you, you will work little if at all.

Bryce Buell fit modeling for Under Armour

Bryce Buell fit modeling for Under Armour

Realities of the modeling industry:

Success in modeling requires more than just a pretty face and good build. It requires a positive attitude, a thick skin, and the ability to handle a lot of rejection. For example, suppose that 100 models show up at a casting for a client needing only one model. All being equal, mathematically you stand a 99-percent chance of rejection. You can’t take that personally. If you’re brunette and the client requires a blonde, you will most likely not get the job. That’s the reality.

Bear in mind too that modeling is very competitive. Today the door has opened to many more looks than in prior decades, and only a small percentage of people have a look that is marketable enough to make a living from it. And it’s a visual business. Modeling is a career in which you are judged not on your mind, not on whether you are a good moral person, not on your work ethic per se or determination, but solely on how you look and, most importantly, how you photograph.

Keep a positive attitude and remember that there is enough work out there! If you have the right look and a healthy lifestyle, if you always keep yourself photo-ready in appearance, and if you know your craft by having internalized the proper skills, you’ll stand a much better chance of finding the work that you want.

Bryce Buell photographed in Milan by Maurizio Montani

Young Bryce

Any further questions:

This should give you a very brief, very basic understanding of how the modeling industry works and what’s expected of you in order to be successful. In 1994, I was in your shoes and was wondering what this “modeling thing" was all about. Eighteen years later, after traveling the world and experiencing and seeing most of what the industry had to offer, I can say it was absolutely one of the greatest times of my life. I experienced almost all of the highs and lows of being a full-time model and I hope this helps you experience more of the highs, than the lows.

~Bryce Buell

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