Can models have braces?

I got an adorable question the other day and wanted to address it. The question was “can someone be a model while they have braces?” At first, I thought of this as a cute question and laughed a little to myself. But, be that as it may, this young adult was serious and wanted a legitimate answer to the question proposed. So I decided to write on it and here it is, a blog on whether or not you can be a model and have braces?

Can models have braces?The answer is…. it is not likely. Many modeling agencies will require that models have already had their braces removed and are left with a bright and straight smile:) Of course nothing is impossible and modeling with braces can be done. But it is uncommon, even on the runway, to see models with braces. The good news is we all know that braces are only temporary, so it does not mean the end of a dream. Everyone likes a great smile and those with braces aren’t far away from having a one.

One of the few times a model with braces might be called upon is in cases where they are needed; hence advertisements for dentistry, toothpaste, mouthwash etc. But for the most part, braces will be distracting and clients won’t want distractions taking away from the product they are trying to sell.

So the unfortunate answer to the question of “can models have braces” is, not likely:( You may catch rare glimpses of them in oral care ads or so on, but not often. Clients prefer models with nice teeth and those with braces will have them soon. Always maintain deep faith in your dream and don’t let a thing like braces ruin it.

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