Jonah Taylor Male model of Pierre cardin

How To Start Modelling

How To Start Modeling – 3 Steps On How To Get Into Modelling. Not everyone takes the same path toward becoming a model. Some people are picked up off the street, some start off as children, some simply know the right people, and then there are the majority of us that must seek out the…

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jonah taylor male model

Why Can’t Models Be Short?

One of the biggest hangups for most hopeful models is the concern that they are too short to make their dreams happen. They may be attractive, photogenic, have the right measurements and meet all of the other requirements, but have been told by someone or some agency that they are too short to model. So…

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Jonah Taylor model

What Is PhotoShop? | Why Do Models Use Photoshop?

You may have heard of the term photoshop and or perhaps even used it yourself. Many photographers, but certainly not all, find themselves spending as much time in the photoshop lab as they do actually taking the pictures. Though this term is often thrown around within the modeling industry, many models may not fully understand…

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Modeling For Under Armour|Jonah Taylor

Truthfully, I didn’t start out desiring to be a fitness model for Under Armour. My initial modeling aspirations began when I was 17 years old when my dad cornered me and asked, “Son, what are your plans for your life?” And after much deliberation, I landed on a passion and a dream to be an international model…

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Jonah Taylor fitness model

Do I Have What It Takes To Become A Model?

I have noticed many things since I started Modeling Wisdom back in 2011. And one thing that stands out to me is a common question that as I reflected on Modeling Wisdom’s journey thus far, noticed has dominated our blogs, articles, and comment threads. In the beginning it would make me laugh a little when…

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Jonah Taylor

All about modeling requirements

So you’d love to become a model. Perhaps you’ve been told by someone you know that you could make it in the modeling industry, or you just woke up with the realization that you will be pursuing a career as a model. Regardless of the motivation, there are things you need to know about becoming…

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jonah taylor fitness model

First 3 Steps to Becoming a Paid Fitness Model

Before we get into the sweet sweet deep stuff… let me share something super important with you. In order to blow the fitness modeling competition away, you will need an edge… You will need a shortcut. You will need a way to stand out and do what others cannot… You might have not realized this,…

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jonah taylor model

Why and How to Build a Fitness Model Body

Anyone wondering how to get more modeling jobs or to get into fitness modeling will need to pay attention to this. This is because having a great body helps almost everything. At the moment I cannot think of a single thing where having a great body is not an advantage (though I am sure if…

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jonah taylor

How to be a professional fitness model

Okay, so let’s say you’re a fitness model already. You have gone through the initial steps necessary to get started and become a fitness model, but you want more. You want to take fitness modeling the distance and make it your profession. You want to make more money at it, get more jobs with it,…

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How to become a petite model

The mere mention of the word ‘model’ conjures visions of lanky titans under bright lights, towering majestically above spectators and wearing splendid outfits to match their stature. True enough, there is a requisite height in order to get a footing in the modeling industry. But what about smaller people? That’s where petite models come in.…

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