Do you have to have perfect looks, long hair, and perfect teeth etc. to model?

Do you have to have perfect looks, long hair, and perfect teeth etc. to model?A facebook fan of ours asked us the other day, “Dear Modeling Wisdom, Do you have to have perfect looks, long hair, and perfect teeth etc. to model?” I love these kinds of questions because the answer is probably not what most expect to hear when they think of professional modeling. Well allow me to answer this question, NO.

There are billions of products being sold in the world and many of them use models to help sell them. High fashion designers and clothing lines only make up a tiny portion of the products being sold, so this means that there are still billions of other modeling jobs and products out there that need someone to help these products.

So who is to say what is perfect? Two people may have totally different concepts of what is perfect. I’ll put it like this, I have worked with many of what would be considered “perfect models” and most of them were not even remotely attractive. Likewise, I have heard different clients talk about the same girl, one saying she was incredible while the other calls her a nightmare. Hair and teeth are no exception. Long hair to one client might be a deal breaker, while it is essential for another. It really comes down to what the client wants to help sell their product, and this may change from product to product. One model might be perfect for one job, while they miss the mark on another. For example, perhaps a tall slender model with long hair looks great modeling for Macy’s, but she looks awkward when modeling for Women’s Health. If a short-haired girl with a gap between her teeth can help sell hats, then she stands a great chance of getting the job.

Never give up - Modeling WisdomThe bottom line is no, you do not have to have perfect hair, teeth, and features to be a model. It helps to have strong features and a great smile, but it is not the end all be all. Every client has a different perspective of what is considered perfect. So from one to the next, they may have two totally different models in mind; and with each product comes a new mindset of what is perfect. So you simply never know what a client wants and it is always in your best interest to keep trying. Eventually there will be a perfect job for you and you don’t want to miss out because you quit too early.


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    thank very much cause i have short hair and a gap and i was very scared if modeling was not going to be good for me and its my dream so thank you so much oh and the email is fake thanks

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