jonah taylor fitness model

First 3 Steps to Becoming a Paid Fitness Model

jonah taylor fitness model

Jonah Taylor fitness model

Before we get into the sweet sweet deep stuff… let me share something super important with you. In order to blow the fitness modeling competition away, you will need an edge… You will need a shortcut. You will need a way to stand out and do what others cannot…

You might have not realized this, but in order to kill it as a magazine cover fitness model you may do yourself a massive favor and recruit the help of a Professional Fitness Modeling Agency.

Now don’t be scared when I say this… Remember, I am here to help you and make you successful. I would not steer you in the wrong direction. A lot of guys/gals hear this and automatically think “I’m out! I wanted to be a fitness model, not a runway/fashion model, this ain’t for me."

Before you throw your hands up in protest, think for a second – How else are you going to find tons of modeling work? Do you know a bunch of companies and organizations such as Women’s/Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, and Flex Magazine that you can simply call up for modeling jobs whenever you need money?

You need to understand that most Fitness Modeling Agencies are free and their sole job in this universe is to find you modeling jobs and make you money. In fact, this is how they make money –when you make money:)

All you have to do is get Down Right Diesel. They require very little other than a Jacked and Ripped body.

So, as you might have guessed, one of the very first tasks you will try to accomplish is, after getting ripped of course, find a Fitness Modeling Agency that can work for you.

First things first, Step 1… Research the best agencies in your area.

A good agency is important if you want to boost your chances of success. Take a few days to fully research the agencies in your area. Try to find the ones that have the best reviews and feedback, and see which ones are able to provide solid fitness modeling work for their models. This sounds easy, but is vital to a good start. Do this thoroughly before moving on to step 2.

Step 2 – Pick out 2 or 3 agencies and contact them.

After you’ve done your research, you can now pick out the top 3 modeling agencies that you feel can help you jump-start your fitness modeling career. Contact these agencies (email or phone) and find out if they have any requirements.

Step 3 – Do/Get whatever you need to do to sign with the agency.

Whatever it is that they asked for, get it to them. Do it and have fun with it. This is an investment in your future fame and success. Take your time and make it happen. There, that should be enough to get you started my dear friend…

the first three steps of our Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint. And because our goal is to serve you excellently… Here is Step 4… Set up a photo shoot displaying your perfectly shaped physique.

This is in my mind, the best part. Once you do you will now have the most killer, sick, ridiculous photographs allowing the universe to finally stop for a second and simply admire your sweet sweet super stunning memorial of a body.

Now, If you would love to make money off of your body; make an income off of your hobby of fitness and get noticed for all of the hard working hours spent in the gym; be sure to check out the rest of the Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint! In total, there are 15 easy-to-follow steps within the entire Blueprint!

This is the same Blueprint the majority of fitness models (including beginners, the partially experienced, and the professionals) are using to get noticed and get the ball rolling toward making a profit off of their great bodies. This is where they, and you, get started… The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint.

God bless and take care!!

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