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how to find a hand model agency

How to be a Hand Model – Hand Model Requirements.

Getting into a Hand Model Agency!

As with the more mainstream modeling types, you will likely need the help of a reputable hand model agency if you want to be successful at modeling using your beloved hands. Unfortunately, with industry developments, certain aspects of body part modeling work have been made unnecessary. In addition, some agencies have recently been forced to cut back on or totally shutter their parts divisions, leaving prospective models with fewer options these days.

Still, there are big agencies that still have parts divisions, and many which are focused solely on parts models. If you’re a hand model that’s looking to sign with an agency, the same principles work: you need to gauge the market, see what the agency can offer in terms of getting you jobs and advancing your career, and the general trustworthiness of the firm.

Here are some of the hand model agencies you might want to look at:

  • Ford Models – The New York-based international modeling agency is at the top of the heap, and getting in is a good way to find solid work. The reach of the agency is reason enough to want to get in.
  • Part Models – Among the leading agencies around for parts models. It’s been specializing in hand, leg, feet, and body modeling since 1986 and has a string of commercial contacts and magazine clients to allow for steady work.
  • Body London – if you’re in the UK, this is the agency you should be eyeing. The agency represents the full spectrum of parts models, including hand models.

You can also check with your local modeling agencies to see if they also offer representation for parts models.

Hand Model Requirements

In general, hand models need to have really smooth skin. ‘Flawless’ is the word here. Fingers are ideally slender and long, with nails that are evenly shaped. Male hand models can be a bit rugged, depending on the kind of product being advertised.

You will need to have some good photographs taken of your hand, and send them to the agency so they can evaluate you. Home photos would not do, so you might have to pay to get some proper professional shots done (though some agencies like Body London aren’t really too strict about this part). You can send around three images showcasing each hand and even one with the two together in one shot.

It’s not enough to have great-looking hands and digits—you need to learn how to work your assets in order to convey what is needed for an advertisement or shoot. Check out this gallery from hand model Ashly Covington if you need inspiration or an idea on the direction you need to go.

These days, even if stock photos of hands are readily available and digital editing can help automate things, there is still a market for hand models. Getting into a top hand model agency is important to getting off to a good start in the industry.

Of course, always make sure you have a backup plan, meaning you shouldn’t be too quick to give up your day job just yet. So go get photographed, and good luck getting signed by a good agency! May God bless you and your hands!


  • Theresa powell

    Reply Reply January 7, 2015

    Everyone compliments me on my hands daily. How can I beco a hand model?

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply January 7, 2015

      Hey Theresa,
      One of the most simple and first steps would be to search hand modeling agencies in your area. Try to find an agency that has a hand modeling department. They will also tell you if they want pictures or for you to come in as well. Hope this helps!!

  • Kelsi

    Reply Reply February 8, 2015

    Hi! I called Ford Models and the person I spoke to said that they don’t have a parts division. Is there another way to get into contact with them? I can’t find a parts division section on their website :[

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply February 9, 2015

      Hey Kelsi! Good to hear from you. They honestly may not have it anymore. Many things change in the modeling industry but all that means is it is time to search another hand modeling agency! Be diligent and work hard toward your goal. God has a way of blessing this type of hard work. Maintain faith in yourself and this will be but a minor bump in the road after long:)

      • Kelsi

        Reply Reply February 9, 2015

        Thank you for your help:]

  • Amal

    Reply Reply March 27, 2017

    Hands modeling


  • ana luz lizano

    Reply Reply May 3, 2017

    i would like some information on hand modeling i have beautiful hand with long fingers beautiful skin beautiful will be money maker trust me please send e mail with information with phone number

  • Rnajee

    Reply Reply August 1, 2017

    Need an agent

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