Height, Age, and Measurement Requirements of Modeling.

what are the model measurements and requirements to be a modelHeight, Age, and Measurement Requirements of Modeling. So exactly how tall do you need to be to become a successful model? Likewise, how old does one need to be? What kind of body type is required? These are all important questions one will need to ask themselves if they are going to pursue modeling as a hobby or furthermore, a career. The ranges that will be specified are typical client requirements. That doesn’t mean you cannot succeed if you do not fit them. It also depends on which type of modeling you are pursuing. Keep these as guidelines and remember, there are always exceptions. (Experienceproject.com also has a nice little breakdown of some Modeling Measurements and Requirements).

Women – Because it is the most restrictive of all the modeling genres, let’s start with fashion models (high-end models typically shooting for editorials, high-end designers, runway and fashion campaigns). Fashion models have very particular age, height, and measurement standards. The typical age is 16-21. Models can be younger than this, but many agencies will require models to be at least 16. Likewise, models can be older but agencies and clients tend to like their models looking younger and more youthful. Height is typically between 5’9″-6″, bust is between 32″-36″, waist is between 22″-26″, and hips should be between 33″-35″. Of course most woman do not meet these standards and that is why fashion models generally get paid the most and work the most. If you do not meet these requirements, don’t worry, most women don’t.

Catalogue modeling is another lucrative modeling genre that is slightly less restrictive than fashion modeling. Height is generally between 5’8″ and 5’11” and typical measurements are as follows: Bust 32″-35″, hips 33″-35″, and waist 22″-26″. Catalogue and fashion are the two most specific modeling genres. That is why they are the most profitable.

Lingerie and Bikini models also tend to have specific measurement requirements. Typical lingerie measurements are: height 5’7″-6′, bust 32″-35″ C cup, waist 22″-26″, and hips 33″-35″. A bikini model will be similar to a lingerie model but with a slightly larger bust size.

There are also fields like fitness modeling, glamour, and plus-size modeling that do not require such specific measurements (check out Plus Size Modeling Requirements!)

On the other hand, whether it be fashion or catalogue, Men are pretty straight forward. Height is typically between 5’11”- 6’2″ and men should be able to fit into a 40″- 42″ Regular Jacket. Men should be fit and lean without too much muscle. The goal should be to look ripped with your shirt off, but lean in clothing (unless you are pursuing fitness modeling, then go on with those squats and deadlifts). Men’s standards are less specific and many men meet these guidelines. That is part of the reason why they often times get paid less than their women counterpart. If you are a male with a unique look, stand between 5’11”- 6’2″ and fit into a 40″- 42″ Regular Jacket, you have a great chance at becoming a model.

Now that you know the measurements I bet you are wondering “How Do I Get Started? Well, if this is you… check out How to Get Started Modeling!!

And if you find that you do not meet some of the required measurements and are still wondering, “Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Model? check out the many different types of modeling and see which one fits you best!!

You may find that the genre of modeling you like most is not the best fit, but that another fits you just perfect! So Get checking!!!

P.S. Modeling Wisdom is only an informational blog. It is NOT a modeling agency and cannot tell you whether you have what it takes to model or not. Modeling Wisdom CAN, however, provide you with the necessary steps to give modeling a try if you would still like to give modeling a shot! In the end, the only person who can tell you that you don’t have a shot is yourself. Believe in yourself and don’t stop until you have achieved your goal, no matter what they say!!


  • archita choudhary

    Reply Reply June 19, 2013

    I really want to became a model. Everyone keeps telling me I look like a model.

    • admin

      Reply Reply June 19, 2013

      Then you should become a model Archita:) By giving you the following article, I am handing you the keys to breaking into modeling. Follow the steps closely. Enjoy!


      • Mia Warren

        Reply Reply September 26, 2016

        Hi I’m 13 years old and I have always dreamed of being a model. I am 5’7″ and 135lb. I am quite fit and everyone says I beautiful but I’m not sure if I’m cut out to be… please contact me?

        • Nidhi singh

          Reply Reply October 16, 2017

          I am 13 years old..can i become a model…plz tell me…plz

      • Alexis Grubb

        Reply Reply November 13, 2016

        Hi Im 16 years old and all my family and friends say I should consider modeling I’m 5’8.5 and 130lb but I don’t think I can make it in modeling, my mother and sister are both models but I don’t think I am cut out for it

      • Masham

        Reply Reply January 10, 2017

        Hi Admin, This is Masham and want to be a part of Modeling. I am 24 year old and my height is 5’11.But without approach how can i go for it. Show me the path dear Admin.


          Reply Reply July 4, 2017


          • Mahi

            September 8, 2017

            Hi…i really want to be a supermodel but m only 5.5ft bt i hve attractive face every one says that you can be a supermodel if u r try…bt m nt sure all bcz of my height plzzz….give me some suggestions 😡

          • Neha

            September 25, 2017

            I m interested

    • Brian M Fink

      Reply Reply July 5, 2016

      I am let me help you get into the wonderful field where we never look ad good ad we can.

      • Nan

        Reply Reply July 17, 2016

        Would like to get into the field, can i have ur contact

        • Goodwill

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        • Tiny

          Reply Reply August 22, 2017

          Hi! I really like to be a model and an I have what it takes to become a model so my question is since I don’t have qualifications or maybe should I say I didn’t go to school for modelling soo do you think I can still get into modelling without having qualifications?? Remember I’m 19 and done with my matric …..and currently I’m studying..

    • jitendra singh

      Reply Reply February 17, 2017

      plz contact us we are recruiting models now 7039071670

    • angelica

      Reply Reply May 14, 2017

      Hi! Im only 13 but I think i might have what it takes to become a model. However I am only 5’5″ but my other measurements consist of: weight 110, bust 33.5″,waist 25.5″,and hips 30″.
      Please get back to me as soon as you can thanks so much!

    • khushbu

      Reply Reply July 11, 2017


      • khushbu

        Reply Reply July 11, 2017

        I WEIGH 50

    • Jose

      Reply Reply May 14, 2018

      Did u become one yet


      Reply Reply August 4, 2018


  • Maya

    Reply Reply June 22, 2013

    I’m not quite sure if modeling would be something for me, i’ve read your article very attentively, but still very unsure, i think for most part on which kind of model i would like to work towards to. I’m pretty tall 5’10”, 145lb and the age of 18, thought i would still have a lot of work to do to get anywhere near the model type, most worried i am about my weight, this is perfectly fine for my height but i don’t think it would fit in the model profile.


    • M bilal

      Reply Reply April 4, 2015

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  • Mandy

    Reply Reply June 26, 2013

    I dont think I fit into any of these, but I have been told by many people that I should be a model. I am 21, 5’3″ and weigh 120-125 is this going to be a problem with starting my modeling career, or should I even try?

    • admin

      Reply Reply June 26, 2013

      These are all generalities and of course you should try. Don’t ever let something like this stop you from going after your goals and dreams!

    • Abigail

      Reply Reply May 30, 2015

      When people see my selfies, they tell me I’d be a top model. But then any body shot, I get told nevermind. I’m 5 ft 6 and 180 lbs. No matter what I do, I can’t get any smaller. I don’t fit the requirements for plus size or any other modeling so it looks like I’m just another pretty face.

      • You are meant for big things Star and you are absolutely gorgeous Abigail! God bless you both!

    • lynne

      Reply Reply June 3, 2015

      Unless you are at least 5’7 you will not even be considered by an agency.

      • madi

        Reply Reply November 30, 2017

        lynne thats not true im 5’4 and i model for brandy melvil

    • Shawna

      Reply Reply July 9, 2016

      I have always wanted to be a model since I was little. I’m 14 now and it seems like sooooo much fun! But…I’m worried about my weight… I weigh 165 pounds and I’m 5″7′ and my bust in 38 waist 27 hips 36 I feel like I’m over weight but my friends are always saying I should be a model and they encourage me even though I’m so young haha.

      • anonymous

        Reply Reply January 9, 2017

        you’re perfect 🙂

      • danish

        Reply Reply August 18, 2017

        u r perfect for plus size modelling . . .send ur whts app no., and email id .

  • AE

    Reply Reply June 28, 2013

    Like others, I too for years been asked the same questions. My “problems” are that I am considered short (5′ 8″) and older, yet I have no intention of doing runway. I am actually interested in catalogue, fit and fitness and am looking into the steps of geting into those industries. Thanks again for your blog! it is exteremely helpful!

  • Cats

    Reply Reply July 4, 2013

    hello I’m 17..with bust size 32, waist size 23.5 and hips 32..but the problem is that I’m 5’5 I really don’t know whether I should try or not..any suggestions?

    • admin

      Reply Reply July 4, 2013

      Being that you are 5’5, commercial modeling may be more up your alley. But of course you should give it a try. Never stop trying if you truly want it:)

      • Betty Anderson

        Reply Reply September 15, 2016

        Hi I always wanted to be a model however I am now 36 years old 5 ‘7 135 pounds and from Ohio I have always had people to come up to me and asked are you a model or you should be a model and have the face of a 17 year old!!!

    • Junaid

      Reply Reply January 5, 2017

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  • Lauren

    Reply Reply July 7, 2013

    I would love to be a model. People always say that I should be a model and my response is always, “If I grew six inches I would try to be one.” I’m only 5’1 so basically, my chances of being model are nonexistent. But I was wondering if there’s any chance at all that I could become one?

    • admin

      Reply Reply July 8, 2013

      Kathryn and Lauren,
      Everybody in the world should go after their dreams. Don’t let your height or any other single factor be the only reason you stop pursuing something. You never know what can happen along the way. For instance, I had a dear friend who was struggling with modeling, few jobs and not much interest, but after sometime, this same friend established some incredible relationships and is now an aspiring actress (Doing quite well I might add). Remember, God is capable of ALL things, not only some things.

      • Lauren

        Reply Reply July 8, 2013

        Thank you so much! Also, I was wondering if my measurements are okay or not. I weigh 95 pounds. my bust is 32″, waist 24″, and hips 35″

        • admin

          Reply Reply July 8, 2013

          Those measurements are great Lauren!

    • Haverlee

      Reply Reply April 3, 2017

      I’m only 13 right now but I’ve always wanted to become a model but I have a low self esteem. No I’m not seperessed. My dad is 6 ft 2″ and my mom is 5 ft 4″ and I’m only 5 ft 2″. I weigh 87 ponds. Does anyone know if I even have a chance of being a model????

      • Haverlee

        Reply Reply April 3, 2017


  • Kathryn

    Reply Reply July 7, 2013

    I am 15, 5’10 and 108 lbs, with 30.5 inch bust, 30.5 inch hips and 25.5 inch waist. I’m told by many people (including a fashion photographer) that I should be a model. I’m thinking about being a runway model but I’m worried that I’m not attractive enough. Should I still go for it? And am I too skinny to be a fashion model?

    • M bilal

      Reply Reply April 4, 2015

      your measurement is good kthryn you can be a model contact me.03476496433

    • Dee Graham

      Reply Reply April 13, 2015

      Hi Kathryn, how did you get on with your modelling?

  • Giselle

    Reply Reply July 15, 2013

    I was wondering if you had any agencies you would recommend to me. I am 13 and I am 5’6”, 95 lbs. and my bust is 30 in. Unfortunately, i don’t know the measurements of my hips or waist but I will find out immediately. I’m looking for an agency that doesn’t have fees I need to pay. My family and I live in Houston, so were looking for a nearby agency, and we don’t have the money for expensive agencies.

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply July 16, 2013

      I do not have any agency recommendations as far as Houston, but my advice is to start searching online for the best agency that fits your needs. This can be done from any personal computer. Once you have discovered this agency, begin to inquire and submit photographs asking for feedback and if they are interested? Do this until you get the answer you want! Let me know if you need more help!

      • Giselle

        Reply Reply July 16, 2013

        Thanks so much! I actually did find that Page Parks Corporation fits my needs the most! I’m submitting photographs as of tomorrow! Thank you!

  • Emma Lockhart

    Reply Reply July 23, 2013

    Hi I’m 115 pounds , 5’11 waist : 26 bust: 32 and hips : 32 how’s that ?!

  • Tia

    Reply Reply July 30, 2013

    Well i meet all the requirements should i do it because i really want to do this badly

  • Faith

    Reply Reply August 4, 2013

    I sorta want to model but I don’t think my waist is the right size. It’s about 26 1/2. I don’t know my other measurements but I’m 16 years old 120lbs and 5’10. So what would be the right kind of modeling for me?

  • Sohail Khan

    Reply Reply August 14, 2013

    Hi myself sohail Khan from banglore.I am 23 years old.Most of the peoples recommend me to go for modelling and my height is 5’12 and i have even done a kannada promo of a movie called “Dayya”.I am very much interested in the field of modelling but i dont know how to get started in the modelling field and i am MCA graduate as well.

  • valerie brouwers

    Reply Reply August 17, 2013

    Hey there!
    I was just wondering what the odds are for me to become a model, since I am only 15 years old and I have to go to school and live in Holland.
    I am 5’8″, 15 years old, I weigh 113 lbs, my bust is 31.5″, my waist is 24.5″ and my hips are 34″.
    Hope to hear from you!
    ps. What do you think the best type of modeling for me would be?

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply August 21, 2013

      Hey Valerie! The odds are great for you. At this point, I wouldn’t limit yourself to only one type of modeling, try your hand at the one you aspire to most, and work from there.

      • valerie brouwers

        Reply Reply September 1, 2013

        Thank you so much for your response! That’s a very good tip thank you 🙂 I will soon send some pictures to modeling agency’s and I really wanted to let you know that this website helped me A LOT! keep up the good work!
        Have a great day!
        Greetings from holland 😉

  • Vishal singh jadon

    Reply Reply August 18, 2013

    I wana be a successful model in india so please suggest me hw i do this? my hight is 5″11 and i have a perfect body no much more musule not too less. my body is in average.so pls suggest me.

  • Gracie

    Reply Reply August 21, 2013

    I always wanted to become a model , but I’m only like 5’4 . Is there any chance I could become a model ?

  • Ayomide

    Reply Reply August 24, 2013

    I’m 14yrs and I am soon going to start modeling but I realized my bust may be too big I am a 32dd will that affect any thing

  • tina

    Reply Reply August 26, 2013

    I am 5’10, 25″ round waists 34″ on bust where else do I measure and are these measurements OK to be a fashion model?

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply August 27, 2013

      Hey Tina, don’t worry too much about the measurements. Get in touch with some agencies and if they like you, they will make your measurements work;)

    • Love Saini

      Reply Reply March 12, 2016

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  • Jessica

    Reply Reply August 31, 2013

    I do not really want to become a model but I want to know if I meet the requirements. I am 5’9″, 18 years old, 120 lbs, measurements: bust 35, waist 23.5, hips 35.

  • sachin

    Reply Reply September 4, 2013

    hi i am sachin
    height 5’9 .their is any chance for me for becoming fashion model

  • Aady Raj Singh

    Reply Reply September 15, 2013

    Hi,My name is Aady Raj Singh.I love D world of Modeling And I wanna be D Supermodel.But Unfortunately In my City There is no Scope in Modeling Field.So wot steps i should take now?How Should I Start?

  • mohammed.aijaz

    Reply Reply October 7, 2013

    Im good looking

  • holly

    Reply Reply October 8, 2013

    i really really want to become a model. its been a dream of mine since i was little. im 5’8.5-5’9 havn’t measured in a while and im 17. im about 135 pounds and i feel like i could at least be successful in bikini modeling everyone tells me i have a victorias secret model face (idk what that means lol) so maybe..?!

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply October 8, 2013

      Subscribe to the blog soon Holly as Modeling Wisdom is coming out with a How To Become A Model Series shortly!!

  • Ashley

    Reply Reply October 28, 2013

    I’m 5″8′ but I’m 13 :/ I really wanna be a model but people keep saying they can’t imagine me as one

    • Anonymous

      Reply Reply December 15, 2013

      Don’t listen to them!!! Go for it and show them what you got!

    • Dee Graham

      Reply Reply April 13, 2015

      Hi Ashley, how did you get on with your modelling? I hope to hear back. Dee

  • Ashley

    Reply Reply October 28, 2013

    I got a measuring tape and surprisingly I meet all the requirements except age!

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply October 28, 2013

      Ashley, Then you should definitely give it a try… especially if it is a dream of yours.

  • Claudia

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    I am quite short due to my genes. When I wear a bikini at the beach people always ask me if I am a model. Many of my teachers have recommended me to be a model. Ive got skinny legs that make me look tall and a toned body. What should I do?

  • Angela

    Reply Reply November 14, 2013

    I just turned 14 I’m 5’6 and I really want to do modeling I’m worried if I’m to short though. What would be the requirements for my age?

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply November 14, 2013

      5″6″ might be perfect if you are 14. I would get started trying out for some agencies. Then hopefully you grow an inch or two and can model on the big stage in a couple years!

  • Cristie

    Reply Reply November 21, 2013

    I’m 5’3 117 or 116 pounds.Losing weight and getting fit I can do but the thing that just says I can’t my height.I dream of becoming a model but my height just doesn’t meet the requirements I try as do as much possibility on reading modeling articles I’m clearing my skin I’m working on being photogenic but my height bummer

    • Cristie

      Reply Reply November 21, 2013

      And I’m 15 years old

      • Jonah Levi Taylor

        Reply Reply November 21, 2013

        There are many different types of modeling Cristie! It doesn’t have to be runway for you to be successful. Take fitness modeling for example! Keep trying

        • Cristie

          Reply Reply November 22, 2013

          Thank you very much I truly appreciate it and if you mind I have 2 more questions if modeling coaches exist and if I have to pay a fee upfront of a modeling agency thank you I really appreciate it you give me hope and then my hope grows even bigger and stronger 🙂

          • Jonah Levi Taylor

            November 23, 2013

            1) Yes there are modeling coaches, you just have to look for the good ones or simply find an experienced model and learn from them 2)some agencies require a small upfront fee…typically to be added to their modeling database or website. This Shouldn’t be much more than $100:) Hope this answers your questions!

          • Cristie

            December 3, 2013

            I’m kinda late in replying I apologize but thank you sir! last night I had a dream that I was modeling, and if I dream it, I can become it. thank you greatly. truly appreciate it (:

  • sweet

    Reply Reply December 1, 2013

    Hi…. Im 19 years old, female jus want no if i should stop wasting my time trying to be a model, im 5″7 my bust size is 33, b cup, waist 22 and my hips are quite small 29, i am naturally a size zero… What do you think.

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply December 4, 2013

      I think you should GO FOR IT! You should definitely be trying to become a model!

  • Asha pandav