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How to be a professional fitness model

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Okay, so let’s say you’re a fitness model already. You have gone through the initial steps necessary to get started and become a fitness model, but you want more. You want to take fitness modeling the distance and make it your profession. You want to make more money at it, get more jobs with it, and have more to show for it. I understand, let’s dive in.

Taking fitness modeling the distance doesn’t have to be hard. I suppose it all depends on how bad you really desire it. Is this a burning desire that must be quenched or else the world will perish, or is it a cool thought that passed your mind once and you decided to google it and ended up here? If it is the ladder, you are not alone, most are.

But those who find that no matter how hard they try they cannot shake this itch to push fitness modeling to its outer limits until the seams burst, here are a few things you can do….
How to become a professional fitness model by taking it to the next level:

1. Get more pictures. Get photographed like crazy as this does a few things.

  • It gives you incredible confidence which clients recognize,
  • It gives you coveted experience,
  • It gives you craveable versatility for more jobs,
  • Each picture adds to your professionalism,
  • Each picture impresses upon clients making you more desirable,
  • Perceived experience helps you earn more,
  • I hope you are starting to see why getting more pictures and doing more shoots will SIGNIFICANTLY help you become a better fitness model and is the greatest step you can take to becoming a professional fitness model.

2. Work on larger fitness modeling markets. If you are like 90% of hopeful fitness models, as I was, you do not live inside one of the major fitness modeling markets (Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, etc.) So if you are in a small city like the one called Zeeland of Michigan that I grew up in, you will need to do one of two things:

  1. Move to a bigger city/market.
  2. Submit your incredibly remarkable pictures to these cities and other cities nearby hoping to pick up agencies and modeling jobs from them.

This actually can work pretty well. In the first choice, obviously moving to a bigger market will provide you with more opportunity. That one is pretty self-explanatory. The second choice allows you to stay put while you may just have to travel a bit for some of your jobs.

3. Start submitting yourself (freelancing) to companies and brands. I have done this a few times myself. Found brands that I liked, emailed them (often tens of times) and simply inquired about any modeling positions they may have upcoming. Many times they put me on a list and sometimes I end up modeling for them.

These are the main methods an average fitness model can take to go on to become a Professional Fitness Model. Many men call themselves professionals, but only a few actually are. However, these are the steps one can take if they want to make it truly happen.

May God bless your journey and give you everything you need to crush the burning desire inside your heart telling you to go the distance.

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