How To Be Photogenic – How To Be MORE Photogenic!

how to be photogenic like zoolanders blue steel, magnum, ferrari, le tigre

Discover how to be more photogenic as Zoolander does.

How to be photogenic… like Zoolander of course. It doesn’t matter who you are, model or not, we all wish we knew how to be more photogenic! Nothing is more exciting than seeing a sweet sweet photo of yourself where you look really really ridiculously good looking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen like this. It usually goes a little more like this:

Your friends: “I love this picture of all of us, it is so perfect! OMG It is! Hurray!!!”

You (in your mind): Son of A! I’m deleting this mess the first chance I get. I mean, I’m not ugly, why do I look like Shrek?

No one likes seeing a picture of them-self where they resemble Beetle Juice and just because you are naturally pretty, doesn’t mean that you come across like that in photos. Here are 5 great tricks on How to Be More Photogenic!

(If you don’t think 5 steps is enough, check out the Book by Phil Fontana: 51 Ways Anyone Can Look Like a Model, Be More Photogenic, And Look More Attractive in Pictures).

  1. Practicing in the mirror (or take lots of photographs). I know this sounds dumb, but you are going to do it anyways so pay attention. The next time you are alone and near a mirror, take some time to look at all your angles. Every model has a “side” or angle that they default to. This is where they can deliver good photographs 90 percent of the time without hesitation. Take some time, find your angles, and know what works best for your face and body.

  2. Actually smile, don’t fake it. Think of something that actually makes you laugh so as to not look fake. A good 3/4 smile is usually perfect. But everyone is different and that is why some alone time in the mirror is so important. Find your smile, not too big, not too small.

  3. Always look slightly off camera. This is key because it will help with the flash and the red-eye effect. Try to look just above the lens and give your best angle and smile. If you do this right, you can expect angelic photos to begin pouring from the camera immediately.

  4. Stand tall, shoulders back. This emulates confidence. Imagine there is a string running through your body and someone is tugging on it upwards. This visualization should help you to stand tall. Great posture and confidence will definitely help you to stand out in a good way.

5. Ladies, some makeup is good, but too much looks Jerseylicious (and btw this is a bad thing). Photos can pick up bad makeup jobs. Go ahead and splash some on, but try to resemble yourself so we can still recognize you and tag you later on Facebook.

So there you have it, 5 quick easy steps to taking better photographs! Also, Kate Pease of Kate Pease photography has a nice blog post showing some pictured examples of How To Be Photogenic. All you need to do is: practice in the mirror, find your angle and smile, look slightly above the camera lens, stand tall, don’t overdue the makeup and you will be taking breathtaking photos in no time, even if you feel you are not photogenic or worse yet, the opposite of photogenic! If by chance none of these work for you, one of my greatest fall backs is to always stand next to less attractive people. Without a doubt you will look beautiful and charming in no time! Just kidding of course.

God bless your journey!!


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