How to become a fitness model

So you want to know how to become a fitness model huh? Fair enough. Then that is the type of article I will write. But we must first establish some boundaries. In order to become Anything we must know the steps in order to do that thing. So, to accomplish this we must list out each step of the fitness modeling process in a clear and concise manner (I suppose this wouldn’t be much of a ‘How To’ article if I didn’t).

jonah Taylor

Jonah Taylor Fitness Model

Now these steps all have numerous details and particulars attached to each one that allow the doer to see them through efficiently and effectively; however we can still list out the steps that would be required.

How to become a fitness model steps…

1. Achieving a body better than 95% of the living world is your first goal–and nothing can be done before this. If you have not done this, then you can stop right here and get to work. A pilot cannot fly anyone anywhere without all of his studies, tests, flight exams, and mandatory flight hours performed. Much like this, a fitness model is not truly a fitness model until he or she has conquered the body they need to ooh and aah the world.

2. The second goal in learning how to become a fitness model is to get your body photographed. Whether by a local photographer, a friend of a friend with the right skillset, or a high-end professional photographer, get some pictures taken of your incredible body. Make it look as good as possible! The pictures will be critical for our next step to learning how to become a fitness model. Once we have some remarkable and professional pictures of your physique, we can head over to step 3.

*Just understand that you typically get what you pay for. If you aren’t willing to pay for the pictures, don’t be disappointed when your pics look average at best. People always work harder for money.

3. Submit our perfect pictures to some professional modeling agencies. I suppose even before this we will need to find such agencies and this can be done by a simple ‘google search’ of ‘modeling agencies in your area.’ Look up some modeling agencies with a fitness modeling division and start submitting your pictures to them.

4. Wait, and respond appropriately. Now step four is a 2-fold step. This is because we are waiting to hear what the agency has to say and depending on their response, we will make our next move. If they like what they see and nothing else is needed, you are good to go! Get modeling yo!

If they say ‘no thanks’ or anything other than ‘we’d love to sign you,’ we find out why and make the proper adjustments. We may need to resubmit ourselves 100 times before we get what we want. But as long as we continue resubmitting and making the appropriate changes we will eventually wear them down into signing us. This is called persistence and is another essential tool of any successful fitness model. Now that you have the steps, have a little faith in yourself to do them. These steps have the power to call yourself an official fitness model. Of course there are other steps beyond these and each one of these listed above can be dissected into further detail, but this is the nitty gritty on how to become a fitness model.

There isn’t much in this world you cannot do, so get to work and follow these steps.

God bless you and your journey.

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