How to become a print model

Perhaps you’ve thought about being one of those faces adorning massive billboards in the city, or perhaps being in an ad spread in a popular magazine. If that’s what you’re looking for, then print modeling is for you. But how do you start?

Here are some pointers you might find useful in your quest to get in on a career in print modeling.

Know the requirements

jonah taylor male model

male model Jonah Taylor

If you haven’t done so already, you need to know what the agencies are looking for. Now, print modeling won’t be as strict in terms of height and body type requirements compared to fashion or runway modeling, for example. This, however, only means that more emphasis may be given to your looks.

Often, the demand will depend on the products or services to be advertised. Agencies or those involved in the feature or ad will be looking for something specific, and it can be hard to plan for that. You can try to target specific niches to help streamline the process.

Get a good photographer

You will need to take sample photos of yourself in different situations or outfits so that you can give the agencies an idea of what you can do in front of the camera. This entails getting the services of a capable photographer. If you know of one personally, then all the better.

Once you’ve completed your pics, you can then pick out the best of the lot then organize them into a portfolio or have comp cards printed out so you can send these to prospective agencies.

No call-backs, no problem

If you don’t get a response from the agencies after a while, don’t fret—you are always free to try and try again. A lot of people don’t get their dream job on the first try, so there’s no reason for you to give up on yours after one setback.

What you can do is try to see what you can improve from what you can currently offer. Perhaps you can showcase an improved style in your next set of pics, or maybe you can work out a bit harder to attain an improved physique. Practice on your poses and facial expressions as well. Once you feel like you’re submitting an improved product, then you can send your stuff to agencies again.

Keep working

Once you do sign up with an agency and eventually get paying print gigs, make sure you keep working on your modeling. Always see which aspects of your work need improvement. You can always ask the photographers and even your representatives for feedback and pointers. Just keep working at it and keep improving so you can be the best print model you can be.

There’s going to be a lot of competition in print modeling, so make sure you bring your A game at all times. If you are to make a career out of this field, then you should give it a hundred and ten percent. Stay committed and laser focused on your goals. Keep your faith high and you may find your image adorning the pages of magazine print ads in no time at all!

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