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How to start fitness modeling

jonah taylor

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No matter what the objective, getting started is always the hardest component of any goal. However, if you are willing to put in the work, the persistence, and all the labor necessary to make your dreams a reality, you will notice things begin to happen for you. As time goes on, blessing seems to follow you. As if hard work led to some type of special favor.

Simplified, once you have gotten things rolling, momentum is gained, inertia takes over, and things begin to fall into place.

Now this is no different for Fitness Modeling. Learning how to start fitness modeling is the most difficult and tumultuous portion of the journey, but momentum is not far away. It does not wait long to show itself.

With all this in mind, How Does One Get Started Fitness Modeling? What are these steps that Must Be Conquered and are so essential to Getting Started Fitness Modeling?

Well I suppose the very first step, at least nothing can be done before it, is to get your body in peak form. A pilot will not be allowed to fly until he has passed all of his tests, has acquired all of the necessary skills and experience needed to be trusted. Until he has accomplished all this, he is only studying to be a pilot –A pilot in training–But not able to fly anyone anywhere as of yet.

In this same way, a fitness model is not actually a fitness model until he has achieved the body that would accompany his/her fitness modeling goals. Your body must be better than 95% of the worlds. Does this number sound high to you? Think about it. Out of the entire world, all 7 billion people, only a small fraction has the time, the energy, the money, the ability, and the desire to have a body that demands world-wide attention.

To eat like few ever will; to have the discipline to workout day after day; to set aside fun and games for the satisfaction that lies ahead in achieving something most men never will–a body that has rarely been seen. Like a piece of art, like a masterful painting, getting started fitness modeling takes the same attention to detail.

Now the next step that is essential after your masterful body has been surrendered to you is the acquisition of a fitness modeling agency. That’s right, an agency that specializes in discovering marvelous and magnificent physiques and provides them with opportunities to share their body with the world.

You see, this is how it works. YOU build the body, THE AGENCY finds you ways to get it in front of people. And it should be this way, at least for now. You do not need to be splitting your time between building muscle and finding jobs. This is a great way to do two things poorly.

Stick to doing one thing extremely well. And let someone else do their part extremely well. We wouldn’t ask the agency to put on muscle for you would we? Of course not. We let them do their job and 100% focus on our own task of Getting Utterly and Completely Jacked.

This is how to get started as a fitness model. The two steps listed above ought to be enough to get some momentum going in your favor–to unleash the blessing that accompanies persistence and extremely hard work.

You can do this, and May God Bless it.

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