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Modeling agencies in Los Angeles

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LA Models – L.A. is the most populated city in the state of California and the second most populated city in all of the United States, after New York City of course. Los Ángeles is Spanish for “The Angels”, but it is better known for its growing population, entertainment industry, and manic lifestyles of those who live there. People across the states and even the world journey to Los Angeles in hopes of reaching their goals and dreams; which oftentimes consist of acting or modeling aspirations. With all of that said, L.A. is one of the best cities one may try to start up a modeling career — and keeping women in mind, here are the Top Ten Modeling Agencies in Los Angeles! (This list is slightly biased towards women. If you are a male model, check out a similar list geared towards Male Modeling Agencies in LA).

1) Click Models – This agency does a great job of representing both sex divisions and has a branch in 5 other major national cities (including NY). This is a great option for growing models.

2) Elite Model Management – Representing over 14 notarized models, this Los Angeles modeling agency grants you high quality in whatever a client may need for their campaign. Also located in NYC, Toronto, and Miami.

3) Wilhelmina Models – Predominantly known for their NY representation, they bring that same element, quality, and access to LA. — representing beauties like artist/musician Iggy Azalea.

4) Q Model Management/Q Talent – This agency represents the talents and likes of more than just models; they represent talent as a whole. Assuring what they portray is ALWAYS up to standard, they have previously had their talents booked for gigs such as Barney’s and Dolce and Gabbana campaigns. New York and Los Angeles based only.

5) LA Models – Also known for having an NY branch, LA Models qualifies their models to be booked for high class and chic campaigns/shoots. Their agency is split into different divisions based on what kind of talent the model has (ex: runway, print etc).

6) Ford Models – Similar to Wilhemina, they also are known for their NY rep but brings that identical element to Los Angeles.

7) Affinity Models and Talent – Ranked the second (top) agency via FashionGates, this agency specializes in commercial talent.

8) Candy Ford Group – Candy Ford is mostly known for their clout. The ability to book their models for a gig with companies like Nike or Eddie Bauer. Great connections especially for the beginners to excel!

9) Cashmere – They are the best choice for those talents looking to gain experience more so in the entertainment aspect. This applies to video, television or event promotions.

10) Storm – They are very popular off of the strength that they also have a location in London, but Storm assists their models with their long-term careers by instilling professionalism and positivity in them always! “Experience is the best teacher”.

If you are an LA Model, you know how hard it can be at times to find a good modeling agency in LA. But, no matter which modeling agencies in Los Angeles you choose, we hope this list will assist you in achieving all of your goals in this industry!

God Bless and Get to work!

Respectfully, Jonah Taylor

P.S. If you truly believe that you have what it takes to be a model, or want to know how to make it all happen, check out this wonderful resource by Renee Lauren: Becoming A Model!

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