How Do Legit Modeling Agencies Work? How Do They Make Money?

how do legit modeling agencies work? Do modeling agencies make money?

How Do Legit Modeling Agencies Work?

Legit Modeling Agencies are great. They help models across the planet land all sorts of modeling jobs that the model would otherwise have no chance of getting. They can help models get their beginning through test and photo shoots, creating or updating their portfolio, and getting them their first modeling job. As a model, it is good to know how modeling agencies work and how modeling agencies make money. This way you can avoid scams and find the right agency for you!

So How Do Modeling Agencies Work! Modeling agencies work by obtaining a large volume of models to send out to their many clients. Of course the models have to be good models, but typically the more models an agency has, the more money an agency can make. Agencies receive calls or emails etc. from clients who need models for any type of job. The agency then points the client towards their models. The clients choose the particular models that they desire for their job, and as long as everyone is available, the models are hired and the job is performed.

How do modeling agencies make money? The agency makes money when the models are finished with the job. After the job is done, a couple months later (don’t ask me why it takes this long) the models get paid and the agency takes a typical 20% commission off of this (commission may vary, but this is standard). Some agencies may make money by pushing modeling classes or photographers (see Are Modeling Classes Necessary? and How To Avoid Modeling Scams), but this is the main way an agency will make their cash, by getting models jobs and taking their commission.

Understanding how modeling agencies work and how modeling agencies make money is important because it allows models to understand the industry that they work in. It also helps models to avoid scams and helps them to make better decisions. Knowledge with understanding equals better, smarter decisions. This can be great advice and may apply to more than just modeling.

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