Men’s Runway: Tips and Advice for Male Models Walking the Runway

Men's Runway: Male models walking the runway.The runway can be tough and unforgiving, but if you embrace it and prepare properly for it, you can own that catwalk. Many superstars of the modeling world have launched careers off great runway stints, so making a splash in this scene is definitely a viable way to shoot for the top. If you’re new to the runway and you’re after some useful tips, read on!

It’s (mostly) all about confidence

You’ve probably heard this many times before—but it’s true. When you’re confident, it shows. It’s not just about having a certain kind of swagger; it’s about knowing exactly what persona the gig requires of you and showcasing that attitude.

Often, there’s just a fine line that separates looking really sexy and attractive from being awkward and robotic. That’s where confidence comes in. This is especially true when you consider that there are all these people in front of and on the side of you, and they’re all focused on you. It’s nerve-wracking, sure, but being confident will help you overcome this.

Mind your posture

You need to remember that proper posture also contributes to how you’d look on the runway. You don’t want to look like an awkward teenager out there—you want to be the pinnacle of aesthetics, a flawless young man not just in looks, but also in the manner by which you walk.

Keep your body upright, observe proper posture, make sure your arms aren’t flailing about too wildly, and keep your gait and your strides steady. A little swagger won’t hurt, but keep everything simple and in moderation.

Ask your agency or producer

The runway walk doesn’t come naturally, at least for most people. That said, it’s important for you to train and get the proper technique. Watching shows and videos won’t be enough to get a feel for what will look right on the runway; you can try asking your agency or even the show’s producer for some advice and maybe even some training. It won’t hurt to tell your agent that you’re a runway virgin (and the people representing you likely already know that, anyway).

Heck, you should probably ask anybody who you think can offer you any credible advice—some model friends, perhaps, or a mentor, or just some of the approachable people involved in a gig you’ve been booked for.

Practice, practice, practice

You should always remember to keep practicing. Don’t be content with getting cast; make sure you’re always working on your technique. What works for you today might not be the same thing that works at some other job, so make sure you always work on your craft to stay on top of the game. Mediocrity has no place in modeling, if that’s not clear by now.
The runway walk doesn’t exactly have a step-by-step handbook, so you’ll need to find out the best approach for you. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. Still, while there’s not one particular way of doing things to get you ready for your runway gig, keeping the things we’ve mentioned above in mind might help you prepare. May God Bless your journey.


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      Hey Raj! If you are serious about becoming a model and believe you have what it takes, then here is a remarkable guide you can follow to help make your dreams come true… Check out the how to become a model guide and may God bless you Raj!

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