NYC Modeling Agencies – Male Model Agencies in New York

NYC Modeling Agencies – Model Agencies in New York For Male Models!

New York is a city that puts the hustle and bustle of any other city to shame. If you’re a male model looking to start a career in the Big Apple, you need to be prepared to face a ton of competition in this very crowded market. In order to help you out, here’s a list of the top ten NYC Modeling Agencies, in no specific order, for Male Models. ( if you are a female, check Model Agencies in New York for women).

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Times Square – Model Agencies in New York

  1. Wilhelmina Models – This is a global model management brand, and it offers a complete spectrum of gigs for practically every model variety. This firm is a pioneer in the industry and continues to blaze trails by being on top of trends and technologies. It also has significant notoriety and has a fitness modeling division.

  2. Ford Models – Everybody knows about Ford Models, and it is perhaps the most recognized name in the industry for over 50 years. It covers all the bases in terms of genres of modeling.

  3. New York Model Management – With a stable of big names in both men’s and women’s divisions, this is always among the top agencies in NY. It likes to discover unknown talents and diamonds-in-the-rough, giving them the management needed for full stardom. It’s also a sister company of L.A. Models.

  4. Major Models New York – It may not be one of the largest, but it’s a big and prestigious name. Major has a rep for giving its talents a firm plan, and if you’re scouted here, you can rest assured that you’ll be placed among the agency’s fairly large base of clients.

  5. VNY Models – The agency was started in 2001 by Lana Winters, and it goes for quality over quantity. It’s known for hard work and fast results, as well as taking care of the models it signs up.

  6. Click Model Management – Click has close ties to Flick East West Talents, a well-known agency for TV commercials, as well as Framework Entertainment, which places talents for theater, film, TV, and music careers. They also have other divisions, including runway, showroom, and plus-size modeling.

  7. Aim Model Management – Another boutique agency that prefers to handpick quality talent. It has top-caliber agents that can surely jump-start a male model’s career.

  8. IMG Models – It’s an agency that’s among the biggest in terms of its male model board, and it covers top publications, advertising, film and TV, and catwalks.

  9. Re:Quest Model Management – This one started out small in 2000 but is now a full-service firm, and it offers access to exclusive runway gigs and top magazine bookings. It also provides focused individual development for each talent.

  10. Red Model Management – If you’re into high fashion, Red is one of the top agencies to be with in New York.

It’s not easy landing a top-tier agency, and your work is cut out for you in terms of New York modeling agencies. However, if you do want a shot at the top of the male modeling scene, setting your sights on the Top Model Agencies in New York we noted above would definitely work wonders for your modeling career.

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