What to Expect at a Modeling Casting and What to Wear to one?

There are obviously many different ways a casting can go. Likewise, there are numerous outfits that one could wear. In my experiences, I have noticed a few trends that seem to be common with any modeling casting. I have also noticed great trends in what to wear to a casting. As a guy, I basically wear the same thing to every single casting I go on. I have also noticed that women, though slightly more detailed, can also get away with an easy, basic attire for almost all castings.

International model Jonah Taylor in Beijing China

Photograph of Jonah Taylor in casting attire. Photo taken just after a casting in Beijing China.

The secret is, simplicity. Almost every single casting that I go on nowadays I wear the same thing, a plain T-shirt or button up, jeans, a matching belt and dress shoes to complete the look. This is an incredibly simple look that creates a wonderful canvas for clients to visualize their style on. Woman are simple as well. They are usually asked to wear a little black flattering dress with black pumps and hair in a low pony tail, but with no distracting jewelry. This is also so clients can see a simple outfit that is not distracting and creates a nice canvas for clients to work with.

Once you get there, you will also notice that what I say next is basically true for most cases. Most castings will go like this: You walk in, (stand there awkwardly for a brief moment) sign in, and wait a couple of minutes. You then head into a room where the client is and they ask you a couple of simple questions. They will likely then take your comp cards and look through your portfolio. Now comes the important step, they may nicely ask you to walk a mock runway, or perform a quick couple of poses. Finally, you will shake their hand and say good-bye. Then you leave. This is the way that 90% of castings seem to go and if you can handle everything I just said, you will be great at every single one.

So there you have it! You now have no excuse for not being great at every casting. Keep it simple and don’t over do it. That is not to say that you cannot look sharp for a casting. Feel free to dress it up and look your best if you feel. Every now and then I will dress it up for a client, especially for a big client that I would enjoy working for. But in the main scheme of things, keep it simple and you will look great and confident every time.

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