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Truthfully, I didn’t start out desiring to be a fitness model for Under Armour. My initial modeling aspirations began when I was 17 years old when my dad cornered me and asked, “Son, what are your plans for your life?” And after much deliberation, I landed on a passion and a dream to be an international model all over the world—for all designers.



So I went to work on that goal. And year by year I got a little closer as I began thinking, working, and praying on how I could actually make it happen. I would do ‘test’ shoots as much as possible and go to as many auditions and castings as I could. I was not going to be denied. And so it happened!

Now, it wasn’t until I had actually accomplished my initial dream that Under Armour ever came into the picture.

I had just come back from an international trip for some modeling jobs when I was informed of an Under Armour open call—a casting where they ask anyone who is interested to come in and audition for specific modeling roles they needed filled. So I went. To be honest, I did not land the role the very first time. I actually was passed up and had to try again a year later. Even that was not the end.

I ended up hearing that I was in considerations for a fit modeling job but then never heard back. So I emailed the contact I had and persistently stayed on them month to month until, finally, they had me come in for some more measurements and gave me a shot.

So the moral of the story is… persistence pays off. I have now been an Under Armour fitness model for 5 years and counting. It all started with an audition, about 10 emails over many months, another audition, and finally the role I had hoped for.

Your modeling journey will likely have many scenarios much like this one. Where you really want a specific modeling job or role and have to grind, grind, grind, and annoy, annoy, annoy, people until they are finally willing to give you a chance. Just be confident in your abilities when they do actually give you a chance as you don’t want to ruin your one good shot at landing a dream job.

In the end it always helps to be close to the job you desire (I live in Baltimore where Under Armour headquarters is located) and have contacts within the industry (Under Armour has open calls often so you can email them at

Grace, peace and many blessing to you and your modeling journey!

Jonah Taylor.


  • Elizabeth

    Reply Reply May 30, 2017

    Love Under Armour!

  • charles christian

    Reply Reply December 5, 2019

    My son wants to model for Under Armour please contact him @ 1 724 544-5544

  • Stephanie Johnson

    Reply Reply January 2, 2020

    Hi. Thank you for submitting this. It’s awesome! My boyfriend loves UA. His closet is about 90% UA to include hats, socks, and shoes. He’s semi-retired. Now his days consist of working out and training others to to help them reach their fitness goals. We’d love some help getting him on the modeling roster! Thanks in advance. Stephanie

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