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Model Agencies in New York

Discover NYC Modeling Agencies! Whatever you are getting into, few cities do it as big as New York City does it — and modeling is no exception. New York is home to a few of the largest and most prominent modeling agencies in the world. With that said, given you have what it takes, how do you know which one to audition for and or sign with? Well no worries, Modeling Wisdom has created the Top Ten list of modeling agencies in NY for women. It is based on the agencies’ size and relationship to prestigious clients and designers, actual jobs, how the agency treats their models, divisions within (i.e. plus-size divisions and fitness), and tenuity. Here is the Top NYC Modeling Agencies for Women: (If you are a male model, check out Model Agencies in New York for Male Models)

1) IMG Model Management – They are currently known to represent over 300 well-known models in this industry and have established extensive relationships with numerous high-end clients and designers.

2) Ford Models – One of the most popular agencies for successful female models and known for scoring legit editorial campaigns.

3) Wilhelmina Models – Has a great rep, pretty popular and productive with providing multiple campaign editorials, also has a great plus size division.

4) Elite Model Management – Works with over 100 qualified models including top models and guarantees over 10 campaigns to their clients.

5) One Model Management – Represents a significant amount of models and top models and guarantees a decent amount of campaign bookings.

6) DNA Models – Great variety of clients in which they use their models to fulfill these bookings. The gigs provided have much clout in the industry.

7) Marilyn Model Management – Ranked top 2 at and carries a great amount of models which represents beauty with fierce sex appeal.

8) Next Models NY – One of the largest and most successful agencies in the fashion field. Established in 1989 and now has offices internationally.

9) New York Model Management – Established in 1995, offers a lot of young, fresh models to their clients; always welcoming new talent and great with promotion.

10) Fusion Models – Boutique styled agency which made a name for themselves with their high-end model board (due to their experience in the high fashion world).

Hopefully, this list can help you and give you a sense of direction in your future modeling career! Whether you are searching for NYC modeling agencies open call or NYC modeling agencies for teenagers, may this list of NYC Top Modeling Agencies point you in the right direction and help you get started!

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