How to become a fashion model

Ah, it must really be nice to be a fashion model. The riches, the lifestyle, and the glamour that we’ve all seen portrayed in mass media is surely enticing for most people. Of course, becoming one doesn’t just happen overnight unless you’re that one-in-a-million star that gets discovered out of nowhere and hits it big…

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How to become a runway model

So many people dream of becoming runway models, but only a select few get to make this dream a reality. While there is no surefire road to success, you have to accomplish certain things as you make your way into the modeling industry. So, if you’re interested in becoming a runway, model, here are some…

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Christian modeling advice and tips

Christian modeling advice and tips – How to approach modeling from a Christian perspective. There is a lot of modeling advice out there. But how does one know the difference between decent/honest advice and poor/deceitful advice? This is one of the drivers behind Modeling Wisdom… to provide virtuous guidance and direction for those who desire to become…

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jonah taylor fitness model

How to become a professional fitness model

Do you feel like you have what it takes to be a fitness model? Or have you ever wondered How to become a professional fitness model? The truth is, there are likely thousands of men and women out there who may actually have what it takes to be a model, the only problem is… none…

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Jonah Taylor Fitness Model - Modeling Wisdom

Discover How To Be A Fitness Model – Fitness Modeling Blueprint

Getting into fitness modeling the right way with The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint – Discover How To Be A Fitness Model with The UFMB. Fitness modeling is not for everybody. It involves a lot of hard work, and having the right body doesn’t automatically qualify one to be a part of the profession. With the right…

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how to choose the right belt for models

Men’s Fashion – How To Choose The Right Belt!

Buckle Up: A Quick Guide to Men’s Dress Belts by Professional Model and Style Guru Bryce Buell. – How To Choose The Right Belt! Below are the three most important rules surrounding the proper use of men’s dress belts: 1) Match your belt to your shoes in both color and finish. Black leather shoes = black…

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VW Vintage t shirt with jonah taylor model

Jonah Taylor In Volkswagen Catalog

Just a few pics of model Jonah Taylor in his photo shoot for the Volkswagen – VW – catalog. Jonah and Volkswagen come together to sell much more than just cars! Including VW backpacks, sunglasses, and Volkswagen T-shirts. See more photos @ Jonah Taylor Gallery.

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Modling Style versus Fashion with Jonah Taylor

Men’s Fashion Versus Men’s Style – What’s The Difference?

Men’s Fashion Versus Men’s Style – What’s The Difference? – By Professional model Bryce Buell. So, what is fashion? What is style? Why do I care? Why should you care? I care because every day I see men deprive themselves of the golden opportunity to make a great first impression. Judged before they utter their first…

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Height, Age and measurement modeling requirements

Height, Weight, Age – Measurements and Requirements of Modeling

Height, Weight, Age Measurements and Requirements of Modeling! It’s hard to pin figures to figures in a constantly evolving industry like modeling. As you’ve probably noticed by now, though, there are height, weight, and age measurements and requirements for different types of models. In general, models of their respective genders must have the requisite height and weight ranges. Age…

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Arthur Kulkov - modeling for teenagers

Modeling For Teenagers – Height And Requirements for Teen Models

Modeling for Teenagers Dreams start at an early age, and you’ll be surprised at how many youngsters are inclined to get into modeling for teenagers, as they aspire to become models of some sort. Even at that stage, though, dreams can become reality—the road is tough, but it’s not impossible. Many models, after all, start…

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