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How Do Modeling Agencies Work?

How Do Modeling Agencies Work? So whenever I am lucky enough to get into talks about modeling, some of the most frequently asked questions I get pertain to Modeling Agencies. Questions like: Do I even need an agency? What is a mother agency? How do I know if an agency is a good one? What…

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Jonah Taylor Fitness Model - Modeling Wisdom

Discover How To Be A Fitness Model – Fitness Modeling Blueprint

Getting into fitness modeling the right way with The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint – Discover How To Be A Fitness Model with The UFMB. Fitness modeling is not for everybody. It involves a lot of hard work, and having the right body doesn’t automatically qualify one to be a part of the profession. With the right…

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VW Vintage t shirt with jonah taylor model

Jonah Taylor In Volkswagen Catalog

Just a few pics of model Jonah Taylor in his photo shoot for the Volkswagen – VW – catalog. Jonah and Volkswagen come together to sell much more than just cars! Including VW backpacks, sunglasses, and Volkswagen T-shirts. See more photos @ Jonah Taylor Gallery.

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How To Find The Best Modeling Agency.

Your agency is going to be a major component in the amount and type of work you get. This is because it is not only the agency’s job to find modeling work, but also push you for those jobs. A good agency will present you well and try to persuade clients to go with you…

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Characteristics of an International Model!

What does it take to be an international model? Is it any different from being a model within your own country? The truth is, it does take a pretty specific body type for both male and female to be successful at this level. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but here is…

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What are Open-Calls and Why do Agencies have them?

In this day and age, it is easier to model than ever before. There are hundreds of thousands of models in the world. This is largely due to the fact that photographers shoot digitally and have the incredible tool, photo-shop. Back when, photographers would shoot with film and that meant money with every click of…

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Behind the scenes of a Fashion Show! – Runway for Under Armour

As I stated in my previous blog, I have been given the opportunity to model runway all week long for Under Armour. Yesterday I posted fun behind the scenes photos of the fitting (Under Armour Fitting), and today I would like to show some interesting photos of the actual runway/fashion show from a model’s point…

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