The Guide to Becoming a Model ~The Second Milestone.

This is series 2 of 3 in the Authentic Step By Step Guide to Becoming a Successful Model. Only perform these steps once you have completed the 1st series. Closely follow each step, only focusing on one step at a time, and you WILL find yourself doing incredible things you never thought possible. Written by Jonah Levi Taylor. This is Series 2 of 3.

The Second Milestone: The next 5 steps. (Obediently follow these steps in order, do not proceed any further until the current step is completed)

  1. Prepare for work: Learn poses, runway walk, facial angles etc.
    1. Study catalog and fashion poses as well as runway walks before you get your first job. This is easily done by researching “modeling poses” or “runway walks” on the web (there is a ton of information out there so be careful to choose credible and reliant sources and videos). This is essential, practice these until you are confident with them. Your best facial angles can be found by studying your face in the mirror. Every successful model and actor knows exactly which angle photographs best. This is the angle they snap to when asked to take a photo. You should find this angle as well.
    2. Also, if you haven’t already, get your portfolio and composite cards if your agency requires.
  2. 1st casting!
    1. The agency will inform you of the who, what, when, where, and why of the casting. They will explain what to wear and what to bring.
    2. Arrive early, plan for traffic or any other setbacks. Give yourself more time than needed.
    3. Bring portfolio and composite cards if necessary. You may have the agency help you organize these.
  3. Dealing with rejection.
    1. It is incredibly important you realize that you are not somehow flawed if they do not choose you. There may be 100 models at a casting where they only need one person. That means 99 people will not get the job. It also depends on exactly what they need. You may be the most beautiful teenage female in the world, but if they need a hispanic teen boy for a commercial, you will not be getting the part. Keep casting and practicing, your time will certainly come.
  4. Your 1st job!
    1. Plan just like a casting.
      1. The agency will inform you of what to bring, where to go, and when to be there. This is easy, just follow their directions and arrive early.
    2. Bring lots of wardrobe.
      1. Bring whatever they ask and then a little extra. This looks better to the client and you will not miss out on any scenes because they have shot you in the same clothes too many times.
    3. Always be polite and courteous.
      1. You may receive future jobs from them.
    4. Get waiver signed.
      1. The agency may likely have you get a waiver signed by the client at the end of a job. The agency will provide you with these. This is standard for most jobs, except runway. It is like a contract between the agency and client establishing hours worked, overtime, and other stipulations.
  5. Get photos or finished product.
    1. Once the job is done, your next challenge becomes getting the finished product. Whatever job it is, try to get the tear sheets (examples of actual work, typically from magazines) or final product for it will go into your portfolio, showcasing your hard work.
    2. Payment will usually take between 1-3 months. Not sure why, but this is standard.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your Second Milestone – Getting your first job! You are now 1 milestone away from becoming a Successful Model!

Well done on following each step intently. You are now ready for Series 3 of 3. If you have any questions, contact us via the contact page and we will respond to help you on your journey toward becoming a successful model.

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