The Serious Models 5 Must Get Shots!

Bryce Buell - by Maurizio Montani

One of my favorite head shots-Bryce Buell photographed by Maurizio Montani

Everyone inevitably starts off modeling the same way, with nothing. No pictures, no portfolio, no head-shots, nothing. But what if early on in your career, someone came along and told you all about the most critical shots you will ever need to be successful in the modeling industry; the ones you will build your comp card and your portfolio around. I was lucky. I had a mentor who did just that for me. So if I may, allow me to be Your mentor. Let me help you as I was once helped. These are the 5 most significant shots you will need to showcase your professionalism and versatility as a model. If you can get these early on, you will be miles ahead of the rest of the modeling field.


1. Strong head shot. This is the most important shot as this is the shot everyone will be looking at and remembering you by. It will most likely be on the front of your comp card and in front of your portfolio. This should be your strongest shot. It shows clients just what kind of model they can have if they choose you.

Jonah Taylor Modeling for Esquire in Taipei, Taiwan.

i.e. High Fashion Shot


2. High fashion shot. Even if you are not going to be a high fashion model, it is in your best interest to have a strong high fashion shot. This usually means something edgy and stylish. High fashion relates to the most recent and most influential style in clothing, cosmetics, and expressionism. So you should make sure to get at least one high fashion shot to show clients that you are equipped enough to handle such a shoot; as this is usually the most prestigious form of modeling.



Dolce and Gabana fitness wear modeled by international male model Jonah Levi Taylor

3. Active or Athletic Shot. This is crucial simply for versatility. Even if you are not a sports nut and don’t care to workout, it is still important to show that you can. It sways the client into thinking you are in good shape, fit, and athletic; which is always a good thing for any model. There are many jobs out there dealing with sports companies and athletics and you don’t want to be missing out on these. If nothing else, this is another important shot to showcase your adaptability and versatility as a model to any potential clients.


4. Smiling shot. This shows your softer side, that you can look endearing and or charming. Being a successful model is all about having different looks and personalities. Modeling is a form of acting. You got to be able to do more than one thing, and that is why it is important to have all of these shots. If you only have one “look” Like Derek Zoolander, you will be missing out on all the other types of modeling jobs and opportunities that are out there. Do yourself a favor and showcase your other “looks”; which in this case is a strong, happy, laughing, smiling shot.



International male fit model Jonah Taylor

Example of a Body Shot

5. Body Shot. When all else fails, rely on your body. There may be hundreds of other models out there that are taller than you, better looking than you, have better skin and nails than you, are funnier than you, more charming than you, have more boyfriends than you, more facebook friends than you, the possibilities are endless. But one thing that you can do to set yourself apart is to have a great body. This is a phenomenal opportunity to show every client and agency out there that you have worked hard and are in great shape. Get something that showcases your best body features and gives the client something else to remember you by. Something that says, “I have it all.”

So there you have it. Get to work on getting these 5 shots and you will be well on your way to becoming a successful model. It will only help you succeed by showing that you are established, versatile, and professional enough to handle any modeling job. Follow this article and make certain to get a strong head shot, body shot, smiling shot, active shot, and fashion shot, and you can rest peacefully knowing that you got all of your angles covered.


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