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For such companies as Men's Health, Muscle and Fitness and other Magazines, Supplement ads, t.v. commercials, Movie Roles and beyond

Imagine this

You have the perfect body. I mean, the type of body that women touch for no reason and men download as the home-screen on their phones to keep themselves motivated.

Ultimate Fitness Modeling BlueprintPeople argue that if Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Ronnie Coleman all had a kid together, that kid would be bullied by you because your body's so great.

You have achieved the kind of figure that doesn't understand what a bad angle is and displays perfectly in pretty much any type of clothing—preferably without sleeves.

Imagine further, people asking to take your photo, get your autograph, and if you will sign their baby all because they are certain they will never see this type of physique again.

Arnold's upset, Stallone can't sleep, and everyone else wants to know what you eat, how often do you workout, and what kind of weights do you lift, as they seriously wonder how someone gets in your type of shape.

In addition to this fascinating physique you have, you have always wanted to travel the world showing off your body. You have always wanted to become a fitness model!

But there's just one problem,
You aren't sure where or how to get started.

You stand there, now Built and Jacked, yet still idle and helpless. Because you realize that no matter how great your physique is, if you aren't clear on how to make your dreams of fitness modeling come true—your chances of accomplishing your mission is improbable, unless you can figure out HOW!

Fortunately You Have Landed On This Blueprint

Because not only does it teach you how to build powerful muscle,
it teaches you the steps to become a successful fitness model.


Male Model Jonah Levi Taylor of Under Armour Fitness Model

What's up my good man,

My name is Jonah Taylor, Under Armour Fitness Model and Under Armour Sponsored Personal Trainer.

And this is how fitness modeling started for me, as a dream much like the one above. However, since that day 14 years ago I have been collecting much knowledge. Knowledge that I can now give to you:)

You see, in the beginning I didn't know How to get ripped and become a fitness model. But many things have changed since then.

This Blueprint contains hundreds of resources. That's because the blueprint created here needed to cover every single base an aspiring fitness model would EVER encounter. It needed to be the last and only guide any fitness model would ever need. The ultimate goal was to leave no rock un-turned so that hopeful fitness models would never have to look anywhere else!

This system now makes Fitness Modeling possible for All Men, You included brother!

Get this...

Getting Ripped Doesn't Have to be Frustratingly Hard.


How to become a fitness model by Jonah Taylor It's only hard if you are unsure of what you are doing.

That is why you see men in the gym who have been at it for years and still look either "skinny fat" or strong but overweight and soft. They go to the gym and follow the same weekly routine—ultimately having little growth to show for it.

Next time you go to the gym, glance around, and notice all of the men who seem to be doing the same exact workouts week after week and look the same year after year.

Furthermore, Billions of dollars are spent each year by wishful men on supplements and muscle enhancers, looking to discover some hidden secret to muscle gain. (I'll tell you right now, there are no secrets). Years of gym fees, trainers, and loads of supplements for not a lot to show is costly and frustrating.

But given the proper training and programming...

...adding muscle can be a blast. Imagine, killer workouts yielding powerful results! "Mmm, that sounds good, I'll have that."

As you know, the quickest way to get from A to B, is a straight line. This means there is no room for wasted Money, Time, or Energy.

This great Blueprint gives you the path of least resistance because it utilizes the time tested, proven methods that have helped create every truly great Fitness Model that has ever existed.

Of course, muscle doesn't develop overnight. But you can expect to yield the most powerful results in the least amount of time.

But Having The Insane Body Is Only Half The Battle,

We Still Must Know The Steps To Become A Fitness Model.


This opens up the door for you. This Blueprint provides you the EXACT STEPS, as well as everything else you will need in order to make your goals happen!

This Blueprint allows men to understand the specific Steps to Follow in order to Become Fitness Models, while also teaching them how to add solid brick-like muscle!The Ultimate Male Fitness Modeling Blueprint by Jonah Taylor

I have seen it too many times, men amped up to make big things happen only to get frustrated because things didn’t pan out—leaving them helpless, unguided, and ultimately, overcome to the point of giving up.

With this Blueprint, every single step of the Fitness Modeling Journey is laid out in a simple to understand Guide.

How great will it be to finally show your friends, family, and co-workers that you are a Real Fitness Model; finally doing the things you always thought about.

No guess work, no wasted time, and a complete step by step system showing you What To Do and How To Do It!

In fact, because of that, it's called “The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint," but it could also be called “The Complete Fitness Modeling Blueprint, because every Fitness Modeling Step and Question is covered head to toe in this comprehensive Blueprint.

The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint Solves 2 Problems.

How to get Ripped and then How to use it to Become a Fitness Model.


Future Male Fitness Model,

Jonah Taylor here, Fit Model for Under Armour as well as an Under Armour Sponsored Personal Trainer.

jonah taylor ultimate fitness modeling blueprintJust so you know a little about me, over the years I have been fortunate enough to model all over the world—personal favorites being: Beijing during the 2008 Olympics as well as Hong Kong.

In addition to these travels, I have modeled for such designers as: Calvin Klein, Esquire, Levi’s, Dolce & Gabana, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Under Armour, Pierre Cardin, as well as future jobs for Men’s Health.

On top of all this, I personally train for Under Armour’s Performance Training Center at their headquarters in downtown Baltimore.

So this is where I am coming from, but I want to help you do more.

What the Blueprint Can Help You Do...

What People Are Saying...

"Jonah! Jonah my friend I am stunned! I don't know what's happened this week, I don't know what this is, but I love it!

Results: I've gained a whooping 2.1 kg (4.5lbs) since the last weigh in. And according to the calipers, NO FAT!!!!! I measured my spots like 5 times cos I couldn't believe that none of them went up at all! I mean I could see my definition in the abs area all week, but no fat? None? Is this even possible? I assume some of it is water weight cos this seems like way too much, but still!

I took pictures (one attached) and compared to last week and chest and shoulders are visibly different, which is great."

David Shaibu - Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint Student

I went from somewhat flabby, to a lean 185lbs in roughly 3 months by following Jonah's UFMB.

Not only that, but he actually showed me how to book a modeling gig once I got in shape and believe it or not, I actually got a chance to fit model for Under Armour thanks to my new physique.

I can truly say I would have never landed these modeling gigs if it wasn't for Jonah and his step-by-step guidance to break into the fitness modeling industry. His advice, guidance, and literal step-by-step coaching were truly the best.

Adam Foote - Certified Trainer and Nutritionist, Creator of Thinner in 30

Adam's Own Personal Before And After Photos!


Before The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint, I always wondered how to get strong and lean like the guys you see on the covers of Men's Health and all the infomercials on TV. I honestly have a really hard time adding muscle, it's always been that way, but I think I figured it out when I started the Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint.

I was skeptical at first. I didn't want to buy another online product, but after thinking about the product guarantee, I figured.. what the heck, I'll give it a try.

After starting it, I gained some much needed muscle and managed to land a paying fitness modeling gig. The UFMB gave me so much more than just a workout regimen and meal plan. It literally gives you the step-by-step guide on how to actually be a fitness model which is extremely helpful!

Tony McElroy, Sales, Contractor.

"The information contained within Jonah’s new handbook, The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint is accurate, comprehensive, and the only resource I’ve seen specifically detailing fitness modeling. It is therefore with my highest endorsement that I recommend Jonah's UFMB as a must to those looking for the blueprint for success in fitness modeling."

Mentor and Professional Model Bryce Buell

Features You'll Find Inside
The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint!


  • The Ultimate Fitness Modeling E-book - The Dummy's Guide To Fitness Modeling! ($37 Value)

    – The E-book literally explains everything you need to know about fitness modeling; from how to get started, to how to land more modeling jobs!

Not only is it incredibly informational, but it was created for all men, whether you’re a Complete Beginner or Experienced Fitness Model. This book is a culmination of twenty+ years of modeling.

It allows you to know what the veterans know and become an expert in the field of Fitness Modeling, even if you are just starting out.


  • The How To Become A Fitness Model Step By Step Layout ($197 Value)

– This is the Pinnacle of the Fitness Modeling Blueprint. This layout alone has enough knowledge and power in it to make you a successful Fitness Model.

This is worth the entire investment all on its own. Following this layout, literally scripted for success, you have every single step laid out in an easy to follow format so you can have your own “How I became a fitness model" story.

Call it what you want, a guide, a strategy, a process, this blueprint covers every single one of your bases. It’s like having a tenured, professional fitness model coaching you every step of the way!


  • The Ultimate Nutritional Blueprint! ($97 Value)

– Follow this Nutritional Blueprint and you will achieve your goals quicker, more powerfully, and without confusion.

Experts tell us that ‘70% of weight loss is based on what we eat’ AND that ‘Abs are made in the kitchen.’ That makes the Nutritional Blueprint a mandatory addition to the UFMB. It also works as a grocery list, for your shopping convenience and simplicity. The Nutritional Blueprint is easy to use and formatted for anyone.

By eating in accordance with your goals, you can save valuable time, money, energy, and stress! Simply put, you will learn HOW TO EAT, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals faster!


  • The Ultimate Training Blueprint! ($97 Value)

– Hit the weights with focus, drive, and intensity. Nobody wants to be in the gym trying to figure out what to do, or walking around wasting time.

This is a trusted system providing all of the exercises for you, so you don’t have to waste time in the gym and can get right to adding the hardcore mass that you need. I do not believe there is a person in the world who cannot gain from this workout.

The Ultimate Training Blueprint gives you all of the sets, reps, and breaks down each body part day by day with planned days off so you can completely Hulk up. Everything is formatted for you to follow stress free.

ultimate nutritional blueprint jonah taylor under armour fitness model

Claim Your Copy of The Ultimate Fitness
Modeling Blueprint

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Get It Today And Also Receive These


  • The Rip It Up Workout Program! ( $97 Value)

This is a bonus portion of the Ultimate Training Blueprint that allows you to get a little more cut, a little more ripped, and a little more defined. This is where you get ready for upcoming photo shoots.

It’s one thing to add the mass, bulk, and size – many men already have these two things (just check the gym, there are big strong men are everywhere). But the Rip It Up Program allows you to cut it, shape it, and tone it, so you will LOOK like a fitness model, be ready for your photo shoots, be ready for vacation, and simply look amazing for your significant other!

This program is what actually makes you look like a fitness model and separates you from the rest of the big, strong men.


  • The Ripped and Lean Meal Plan! ($97 Value)

– As The Ultimate Nutritional Blueprint teaches you how to add essential mass, size, and bulk, this bonus meal plan teaches you how to get ripped, tight, lean, and defined.

It tells you exactly how to eat in order to rip it up. Use this in unison with the Rip It Up Training Program for faster results! This meal plan can be catered to anyone and you will learn how to eat in a healthy, fat cutting manner – In a lose the body fat type of fashion.

This is the meal plan that teaches you how to get lean, ripped, and defined so you can look your absolute best for photo shoots, or simply to feel great and confident about yourself.


  • Free Expert Shortcuts, Strategies, Guidance, And Tips To Land More Modeling Jobs! ($47 Value)

– This portion of the E-book may even be considered the ‘More’ section of the book, or the ‘Above and Beyond’ section.

It is the back end of the book that describes how to maximize your potential. How to land more modeling jobs? How to gain more experience? How to get more photos? How to make more money!! It is basically everything a fitness model will need to know as they take Fitness Modeling to the highest level.

Maybe you have already gotten an agency; or maybe you have already gotten a few fitness modeling jobs; well this portion of the book will help you go above and beyond all that.


  • 30 Instructional Workout Videos! ($127 Value)

– These videos 100% breakdown each exercise listed in the Ultimate Training Blueprint and The Rip It Up Program so there is absolutely no guess work.

Nobody wants to be sitting in the gym asking themselves, “What am I supposed to be doing? Do I look silly? Is this right? I don’t want to look like a fool." Honestly, from squats to deadlifts these videos got you covered so you don’t have to worry about feeling foolish in the gym. Instead, you will look knowledgeable. Plus, All the videos are online so they are all easily accessible from your phone or tablet.

This way you can watch them at the gym, from your car, or at home, anywhere! Truthfully, you will not only look like your know what you’re doing, but you WILL know what you are doing! It’s like having a personal trainer there with you, without the fees!


Claim Your Copy of The Ultimate Fitness
Modeling Blueprint

Yes, I want access to the Most Comprehensive
Fitness Modeling Guide Available.

Sale Expires Once Quantity of 500 Blueprints Are Sold! $297

Your Blueprint is waiting for you to claim it. Just $27 gets you
instant access so you can begin getting ripped and lean and
becoming a paid fitness model. Here’s all you need to do…
just click the pretty little yellow button “Add to Cart" button below.

Only $27
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Hold up, We do have one thing to admit…

To be completely open and honest, there is one problem with the Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint. The honest truth is that you’re probably not going to be able to perform the workouts at home.

The exercises and programs are going to require heavy weights, and a bit of equipment. Not to mention, it isn’t very safe to be performing squats and deadlifts without professionals around; even if you are an experienced lifter.

I humbly admit, for safety and convenience reasons, you will likely need a gym membership of some sort (Thankfully, nowadays you can get a gym membership to places like Planet Fitness for as little as $10/month).

For those of you with a current gym membership, this poses no problem. But I apologize to those of you who don’t and will have to perhaps get one, or possibly get creative.

On the flip side, many find that having a gym membership has its advantages; whether it be the energy, the variety and abundance of equipment, finding inspiration in others, or the comradery!!!

And You Can Rest Assured Knowing You Have The 60 Day
100% Money Back Keep The Blueprint Guarantee!

If you do not come away from The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint with a abundance of profitable and life changing information, allowing you to call yourself a growing fitness model, return it within 60 days for a full refund. And because I believe in and know the power of this Blueprint, I’ll even let you keep it so you can still profit and grow from its expertise.

Have A Question? We Have Probably Answered It Below!

Hey Jonah! How do I know if I can follow the workouts?

  • As an Under Armour sponsored personal trainer as well as a trainer for FX Studios, I know that the most effective exercises are often the most basic ones. With that said, the workout programs in the Blueprint exemplify this.

Though powerful and utilizing each of the major lifts, none of them are new to the lifting world. They are fairly basic to follow, yet will produce the most significant gains. Plus Each and Every exercise has an instructional video corresponding with it illustrating exactly how they should be performed.

This means no guess work so you can put your mind at ease. And since these videos are all online, you can access them from anywhere! That includes your phone, your computer, your tablet, your laptop, in your car, at the gym, at home, anywhere! The workouts are easy to follow and the videos are a great tool as they help explain it all.

I have tried dieting before and failed! How do I know I can actually follow The Ultimate Nutritional Blueprint?

  • The Nutritional Blueprint works where others don’t only because it can be modified to fit each individual’s needs. Unlike hard and fast meal plans that dictate exactly what and when to eat, The Ultimate Nutritional Blueprint allows for anyone to easily adjust the proportions and food choices based on their needs.

Incredibly, all the moderations and foods themselves can be mixed and matched. It’s not a boot camp style meal plan that you either follow or fail. It takes out all of the guess work and gives you the framework that you need. I don’t expect you to follow it to the ‘T’ immediately, but I urge you to follow it closely.

The reason why this meal plan will help you succeed when others have failed you is that it doesn't put pressure on you to be perfect. Simply try your best to follow it and cater it to your needs. It is not a one size fits all approach, everyone is unique, and so is this meal plan.

How do I know you are not just fluffing this all up?



  • This is why we offer a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! So new male models and skeptics may actually test it out, use it for free, and if it doesn’t fulfill your desires, simply return it. I want to truly help people and that was how this whole guide even got started, by trying to help others make it as fitness models.

So the honest truth is, if it sounds too good to be true, or just a bunch of hype, try it out and if you don’t like it, send it right back. You can literally buy the product, look it over, and if you decide that it’s not right for you, send it back no harm done. The 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee is my way of proving that The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint is the most Complete Fitness Modeling Guide Period.

I don’t know if I can afford this!

  • Getting in shape and being healthy can cost a lot! Personal trainers, nutrition plans, workout videos and dvds can all add up over time to be a boat load of money. I know because not only am I a fitness model, but I am a personal trainer. I see it daily!

This is not to mention the time that it can take listening and reading up on all the latest trends, diets, and advice from professionals. It can take a lot of time and energy. Realistically, for all that comes in the Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint: the Training Programs, the Nutritional Blueprints, the E-book, the Step By Step How to Become A Fitness Model Layout, the Training Videos, and the Tips on How to book More Modeling Jobs – Truly you’re saving a ton of money!

You figure how much are personal trainers? How much are meal plans created by professionals? How much time to do you spend reading diets, going through diets, trying to figure out if it’s the right diet?

You can bypass all of those headaches with The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint! It’s all right here in the one complete guide.

First talk to your significant other, then consider this an investment in your health and future. Truthfully, this Blueprint will likely save you a lot of money.

How do I know the Step By Step 'How To Become A Model' Layout works?



  • The Layout is a compilation of all the steps necessary to become a Fitness Model. Everyone will take a slightly different path in the end, but all will need to follow and address each of these steps in one way or another.

What this Layout does is allows you to CREATE your path instead of waiting for the opportunity to come to you; which many models know never happens. It gets the ball rolling and gives you momentum to carry on through the rest of the steps.

Following The Layout is like having someone hold your hand along the way. Just like the directions on your GPS telling you where to go, The Layout is your set of directions directing you toward Becoming A Fitness Model.

How am I going to explain this to my significant other?

  • Once you get rolling in this Blueprint, you will gain a greater confidence, a greater physique, and healthier eating habits. So it will likely make her happy when you’re coming home sweaty and in shape, looking good, and busting out of your old shirts.

Explain to her what you are aiming to achieve, such as, Fitness Modeling, becoming healthier, greater confidence, being in incredible shape, and being strong. In the end, this transformation can be a powerful thing. She may end up performing it with you!

How do I know it’s going to work for me? Is it too generalized?



  • The workouts found within the Fitness Modeling Blueprint are created in a way that everyone will gain from them. The science behind gaining muscle is similar for everybody – breakdown the muscle to build it back up again stronger. The way I make muscle and the way you make muscle is similar.

Likewise, I am going to be healthier by eating well just like you will too. In reference to the Nutritional Blueprint, that is why there are so many mixed and matched variations; to cater it uniquely to every unique individual.

Finally, the Step By Step How to Become A Fitness Model Layout covers every single move that a fitness model will encounter in their fitness modeling journey. Everyone will use this complete guide differently, but all leading towards the same result of becoming a Successful Fitness Model.

What if I have an injury?

  • Many people have injuries/ailments. This is not out of the norm and was anticipated. I will gladly modify the workouts for you. Don’t let this be the reason why you do not try The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint.

What I would recommend is to send me an email describing your injury or ailment and I will personally alter and modify the workouts for you. I am an Under Armour Sponsored Certified Trainer and have experience with physical therapy. We may even be able to heal or make your injury/ailment better for you!!!

Even if you cannot workout at all but still want to pursue Fitness Modeling, YOU CAN STILL follow the Nutritional Blueprints, you can still follow the Step By Step Layout, you can still read the E-book, and you can still soak up all of the Tips on How To Book More Modeling Jobs!

Is it all easy to follow? What if I’m a complete beginner?





  • This is The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint and in order to be called that, it must have EVERY NECESSITY AND BE EASY TO USE! Its entire focus is driven on starting at the very beginning, with those who know nothing about Fitness Modeling, and takes you all the way to having full on experience and great connections within the industry. It even wraps up with tips and strategies to land more modeling jobs.

The Blueprint walks you through every single step necessary to become not only a Fitness Model, but a SUCCESSFUL Fitness Model. So yes it’s easy to use as everything is broken down step by step. Nothing was left out in this guide.

Plus! You are always just one email away from contacting me and getting any other information you might need above and beyond what’s provided.

Do I actually get dvds? Is it an online product?

  • This entire Blueprint is offered online. For those interested in the physical book and layout, it has been PDF’d so it can be printed for your suitability. Offering the Blueprint 100% online simply makes it more convenient and easier to access. This way, it can be accessed through your tablet, phone, laptop, home computer, or even your work computer! You can even access this Blueprint while on vacation!

So instead of just offering a book and dvd’s that you must physically carry with you, as well as electronics to play the dvd’s, you can now watch and read any portion of the Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint from almost anywhere.

I totally understand that some people simply want a physical book. There is something about paying for items and actually getting the physical goods. And with that said, the entire Blueprint can certainly be printed off and read this way as well – this includes the workouts, nutrition plans, and layout!

But at first purchase, the entire product is offered online as we see this as an advantage with all the technology available today; making it accessible from almost anywhere and may be easily printed off for those who desire a physical read.

What if I’m allergic to certain foods?

  • The entire Nutritional Blueprint was made in a way that it can be modified to fit anyone. It isn’t a list of foods, set in stone, that must be followed boot-camp style otherwise you are doomed to fail. This Nutritional Blueprint was made with unique individuals in mind.

Everything can be mixed and matched as long as it has similar food qualities and you will see this once you get into The Blueprint. Simply swap out foods that you don’t like, or are allergic to, and swap in foods that meet your needs.

Just make sure they are comparable to the foods you swapped out. For example, a protein source for a protein source, or a carb source for another carb source. Simply follow The Blueprint closely. If you are allergic to certain foods, cut them out.

Our Nutritional Blueprint was created with unique individuals in mind, as God made us all different. The Nutritional Blueprint allows you to express this and create a system that works specifically for you.

Will this take up a lot of my time? I am very busy.

  • Nobody goes from an NFL rookie to an All-Pro veteran overnight. But an NFL rookie can significantly improve their chances of success and do it in much less time given the right advice.

That’s what this Blueprint does. It takes rookies and expedites their journey to becoming veterans – by giving them all of the tools, tips, trades, and strategies needed to be successful.

You may dive in head on immediately, or take your time getting into this Blueprint. You can do this any way you decide to and I am always one email away anytime you have any questions or need any further advice, encouragement, or motivation.

I understand that many of you are concerned with time. I don’t want you to be afraid of this. Take this on in a relaxed manner until you feel comfortable with it. This goes for the complete Blueprint – The Training programs and Videos, The Nutritional Blueprints, The Ebook, and The Step By Step How to Become A Model Layout!

A little bit of drive and ambition are required (we'll provide the rest!) in order for you to call yourself a Fitness Model! But when you are at the podium speaking to others of how to do it, and showing friends and family the pictures and magazines you have been in, you will be glad you did it.

Take A Peak Inside The Exclusive Members Area!


How to become a fitness model, ultimate fitness modeling blueprint

How to become a fitness model, ultimate fitness modeling blueprint

Let's Compare What You Get With The Blueprint
And What It Will Cost Everyone Else!

Of course it’s extremely easy to get pumped up and explain the major benefits of The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint, but what about the VALUE behind it? Get This Amazing Bundle Today and Inside The Members Area You'll Find:


  • 2 Professional Fitness Modeling specific Workouts – one for adding mass and another for getting ripped.
  • 2 Professional Fitness Modeling specific Nutritional Plans – for adding mass and for getting ripped. Also very modifiable to fit your exact needs.
  • The E-Book providing Everything you need to know about Fitness Modeling.
  • Guidance, Strategies and Advice for gaining experience and landing more modeling jobs.
  • Professional Instructional Workout Videos.
  • The exact Step by Step Layout to Become a Fitness Model.
  • No guesswork or stress, meaning More time with family, friends, working, relaxing, or doing whatever you love to do!


Claim Your Copy of The Ultimate Fitness
Modeling Blueprint

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And Honestly, This Is What It Will Likely Cost Others
Outside Of The Blueprint:


  • 2 Written workouts cost between $50-$100 each. This alone will cost more than the entire Blueprint!
  • 2 Written nutritional plans cost between $50 – 100 each—And will not likely be as modifiable as The Ultimate Nutritional Blueprint.
  • Books purchased online from stores such as Barnes & Noble average between $20 – 35.
  • A Database of Instructional exercise videos would average $100 - $150.
  • The Step by Step Layout is honestly priceless. There is simply nothing out there like it. But for value purposes it is much like following a training software which runs from $100 - $250.
  • Personal trainers... you don't want to know. But once again, more than this entire Blueprint!