What is Commercial Modeling?

Jonah Taylor for Wrigley's AIRWAVES Super Chewing Gum

Example of Commercial Modeling

When I first began modeling, I was told continuously by New York agencies that I was too “Commercial”. I thought, what does that mean, to be too commercial? If people are calling me that, I got to find out what it means! So I did. I know there are many models hearing the same thing today. So for anyone who has been told they are too “commercial”, or would simply like to know…

Commercial modeling is a more generalized type of modeling. There are high fashion models, and then there are commercial models. High fashion models are the highest paid and rarest form of modeling. Most women and men do not meet the requirements of a fashion model, but commercial models do not have all the specifications that fashion models have. Of course fashion models get paid more, but commercial models can make good money as well; especially with catalogue. Commercial models make up the majority of all modeling. Basically because it includes many fields of modeling such as: catalogue, print-work, plus-size, swimsuit, lingerie etc. Commercial models are hired to help sell products to the public; whatever the product may be. High fashion models model for high-end designers and fashion campaigns. Commercial models basically take care of the rest. They can model for television, commercials, websites, magazines, newspapers, billboards and any other type of advertisement. Most people who tell you they are models are “commercial” models. This is what makes up most of the industry.

So there you have it, just in case you were wondering or have been told such a thing, you now know what being “Commercial” means in the modeling industry. It means that you are not currently high fashion material, but still pretty/handsome enough to make it as a model. There are many types of modeling out there other than fashion modeling.



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