What Is High Fashion Modeling – What Are The Fashion Modeling Measurements and Requirements?

The World of High-Fashion Modeling

Measurements and requirements of High Fashion ModelsThis has been mentioned many times in past pieces, but it’s true—high-fashion modeling is one of the first things that come into people’s minds when the word ‘model’ is mentioned. It is an illustrious and mysterious world, and it is definitely a lucrative and fulfilling one if you’re fortunate enough to get in and last.

Nothing beats working for the top brands or for the biggest and brightest names in the industry, and it really does a lot for your outlook and your career if you can latch on to big exclusive gigs. That’s easier said than done, though, and you will really need to work your tail off just to get started in this particular field.

High fashion by the numbers

If you want to make it as a high-fashion model, here are the measurements you need to keep in mind:

~ Height: 5’8" to 6’0" for women; 5’11" to 6’3" for men (note that requirements may vary from agency to agency)
~ Women: Bust measurements should be in or around the 32" to 34" range, with cup sizes from A through C; waist measurements range from 22" to 26", while hips are in the 32" to 35" range; Size 0 to 6

Health Concerns

It’s no secret that the requirements for high-fashion models can lead to some bad habits, including eating disorders. Some of these have already led to serious health issues, and even some deaths, prompting some publications and organizations to impose some new rules.

High-fashion models also used to start at really young ages, sometimes as early as 13 years old. This, however, seems to be discouraged in recent years, as organizations such as the British Fashion Council last year asked designers to sign contracts stating that they would not use models below 16 years of age. The magazine Vogue also banned models who are below 16 years old, along with banning models who had eating disorders.

If you want to attain the measurements required of models in the high-fashion field, it would be better if you could do so without sacrificing your health. Dieting is all good as long as you still get the nutrition and sustenance you need to keep working and functioning.

Getting in and making it big

For starters, you might want to enroll in seminars or modeling school in order to learn the basics and establish some contacts. You should also take lessons from your agency if you’re already signed up with one but modeling for a different niche. You should also check out our How to Be A Model Guide to launching your modeling career, as the template is also perfect for high-fashion modeling.

Fitting the bill in terms of physical appearance is only the first part of the equation; there’s a lot of hard work involved, and you would need to navigate through a lot of stressful and demanding jobs if you want to make it big. In the end, though, if you stay professional and pull of the right jobs, there’s no doubt you will find success in the world of high-fashion modeling.


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