Jonah Taylor model

What Is PhotoShop? | Why Do Models Use Photoshop?

Jonah Taylor model

Model Jonah Taylor utilizing photoshop by Photographer Bryce Buell

You may have heard of the term photoshop and or perhaps even used it yourself. Many photographers, but certainly not all, find themselves spending as much time in the photoshop lab as they do actually taking the pictures. Though this term is often thrown around within the modeling industry, many models may not fully understand what this is… and why photographers/models use it?

Well, first let’s define what photoshop really is. There is an actual software that is called “Photoshop” and then there is the overarching term used to refer to altering (a photographic image) digitally using Photoshop image-editing software. Put into layman’s terms, this is the art of changing images to make them more desirable and appealing to the eye. Many models and photographers will use photoshop to do a number of things including…

  • Create backgrounds and features otherwise not available to the photographer.
  • Creating photos instead of doing all the legwork can save much money.
  • Gain a better understanding of what is needed in a good picture.
  • Be as creative and expressive as you want to be.
  • Restore old or imperfect photos.
  • Create graphics out of your images.
  • Change the layout, color, composition, and or focus of any picture.

what is photoshop why do models use photoshopHere is an example of a photoshopped picture from an artist on You can begin to see why magazines and catalogs rely on photoshop so heavily. It is used to “perfect” photos. Even if the picture is close to perfect, there is a strong possibility that most to many of the pictures you see on a daily basis have utilized some sort of photoshop.

Specifically, models like to use photoshop to create and perfect their photos. Now, many will also use it unethically to create fake tear sheets (photos of actual modeling work typically torn from a magazine or catalog).

Photographers use photoshop to create creative pieces of art and or to please and appease the clients they are working for. Many clients have a specific look they are going for and previous to photoshop, the picture taken was the only shot they had at getting it. Now, with the aid of photoshop, the photographer can generate different types of photos to take their profession to the next level. However, along with this wonderful innovation comes more demanding clients and models.

In the end, photoshop is a wonderful tool that can be used to hide blemishes found within the picture taken. It is best used to compliment and improve slightly a well taken photograph. Although, all too often it is mishandled and used as a way to comprise fake photos and or generate an otherwise unrealistic body type that even the most perfect models do not possess.

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