What’s in a Model’s Fridge?

Whats in a models fridge? - eggsIn my travels, I have gotten the opportunity to live and travel with numerous models, men and women alike. These are models from all over the world with different kinds of eating habits and dieting patterns. I always found it interesting what other models kept in their fridge. We all have some cravings that we love to enjoy, but when I see someone kill 5 bananas and a jar of peanut butter for dinner, I take notice. Here is a list of the most common items I noted models keeping in their fridge. You will notice that the list is predominately healthy and could be followed by anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. It is uncanny how many of the models lean toward healthy food choices, but do it for the wrong reasons. In this list, I will tell you why these are good food choices, followed by why models like them. For example:

Eggs. Not so much as a good source of protein, but mainly because they were cheap and taste good as omelets.

Cereal. Not because it can give you a full serving of whole grains and dairy, but because there is nothing as quick and easy to make as cereal.

Milk. Simply because nothing else mixes well with cereal.

Chicken. You might think they liked it because chicken has great protein and few carbohydrates, but more or less, they liked it because it was easy to cook and tasted good with everything.

Peanut Butter. Because of the protein and healthy fats? Nope, because it tasted good. Some roommates were addicted to this; whole jars at a time:)

Pasta Noodles. Because of the complex carbohydrates that leave you feeling full for a while and give you a source of energy? Sort of, models love them because noodles can fill you up and they are cheap.

Rice. Similar reasons as the noodles, rice can fill you up and it is cheap.

Sushi Wraps. It was available at 7/11 and it was cheap.

Bread. Similar to the noodles and rice, but for models, this was also a great way to help put down a jar of peanut butter.

Protein Powder. To slam after a 10 minute ab circuit – resulting in a 4 hour nap.

Carrots. Besides the nutrients that can improve vision and prevent cancer and heart disease, this was a mid-day snack for some models.

Watermelon. Not because it has major doses of vitamin C and necessary antioxidants, but because it was a healthy dessert (and even sometimes dinner for some models who were on the juice diet).

So you see, models tend to eat healthy, many just did it inadvertently. Each food item listed has a nutritional benefit, but many of the models I lived with knew little of these benefits and had their own reasons for keeping a food stocked regularly. Of course there was always the wild card item like dragon fruit or cottage cheese. But these were the items I most identified in their fridges and even came to love myself as I traveled the world while modeling. Now that you know you can follow this incredible grocery list yourself, or just eat them because they taste good and they are cheap.

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