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Why Can’t Models Be Short?

jonah taylor male modelOne of the biggest hangups for most hopeful models is the concern that they are too short to make their dreams happen. They may be attractive, photogenic, have the right measurements and meet all of the other requirements, but have been told by someone or some agency that they are too short to model. So why is that? Why can’t models be short? If a hopeful model had everything else going for them, could they overcome this height dilemma?

Well, first of all, let’s identify as to why models are supposed to be tall in the first place. Marketers have long understood the power of visuals. They realize that there is real significance in getting people to envision themselves within clothing and the idea is to give them the best visual imaginable. So as you might have guessed, this happens to come in the form of seemingly tall and attractive people; otherwise known as models.

Now without spending too much time here, tall and slender is more desirable to designers than short and boxy. Designers just simply prefer tall (5’8″ and taller) and slender males and females to display their clothing. It has a bit to do with the flow of the clothing and the full drapery of each article making a complete demonstration of the article being presented.

Now, there is no real mandate that says models CANNOT be short. It is more understood that models will just in general be tall. But this is more geared toward the high fashion side of modeling. Most people do not think of modeling in this way, but there are many more types of modeling than just high fashion (Plus size modeling, petite modeling, fitness modeling, etc.).

Within these other types of modeling height is not such a harsh standard. It is still a plus as we short and boxy does not seem to be as attractive as long and tall (don’t ask me why this is, it’s just how our world has viewed attractiveness). For example, I know a few fitness model females who are no taller than 5’5″. They would stand little chance in the high fashion world but this is nothing to fret about. They simply moved into a different category of modeling and have made quite a name for themselves through numerous photo shoots and fitness modeling jobs.

Here’s the lowdown, models CAN be short ( less than 5’7″) and still have a modeling career. They just might have to model in a different modeling category than they originally planned. You see, many hopeful men and women seeking to become models only think of modeling in terms of high fashion modeling. This is likely due to what they see on t.v. and movies. But there are numerous other types of modeling that can be explored if high fashion is not in the cards.

So don’t ever let something such as height kill a dream. If modeling is something that you truly have a passion for, then get after it regardless of what others say. Check out the different types of modeling and just get started. God bless my friend.


  • Emma

    Reply Reply January 9, 2018

    So, according to to society, people who are tall are more attractive? Society needs to burn then.

  • Eve

    Reply Reply January 21, 2018

    Well, I’m only 5’2 but I’m not boxy. I’m slender and I have very long legs and people assume I’m 5’8+ based on my pictures. Everyone has a different body.

  • Liz

    Reply Reply August 10, 2018

    How come short models are not famous but fat models are being seen nowadays?

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